Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat shalom! 

Brrrrr! This week in Adom we learned all about different kinds of polar animals, including that they live either at the very top of the world (Arctic) or the very bottom (Antarctic.) We talked about how it is so cold in these places, there is ice all year round— but these animals really like cold water and snow because they are built for it! 

We started the week by learning about orcas with the book It’s an Orca! which also introduced us to the concept of blubber. Then we explored sensory bins filled with “icy water” (clear orbeez) and different sea creatures that live in super cold water. It was so fun to see the todds experiment with the “disappearing” orbeez in water. 

PAJAMA DAY! All our kids looked so comfy and ready to nap. We loved all of their cutie pjs. On Tuesday we continued the theme by reading It’s a Narwhal! before rescuing polar mammals (and one penguin) that were stuck in ice! They enjoyed feeling the coldness and slipperiness as the ice melted, and worked hard to squirt or sponge warm water onto the ice to help it melt. Thanks to their efforts, all the animals were saved!

The next day we got to have music in the Big Room again. On this day, music was so much fun. We danced, sang, and got to hang with Leo the Lion. After music, we played outside and then read That’s Not My Penguin. We made our own penguins using white tissue paper to fill in the contact-paper bellies of the penguins. 

Thursday our focus was polar bears, reading That’s Not My Polar Bear before stretching and sticking poly-fil to a gluey polar bear cutout. 

On Friday we plan to end the week by using all of our polar animals to make white paint tracks across white paper, like footprints in the snow! 

Next week Ms. Alyssa will be focusing on the desert! 

We would also like to give a HUGE congratulations to our friend Harper and her parents on welcoming their new baby boy, Hunter! I’m sure Harper is going to love being a big sister. 


Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah 

P.S. I will miss all your cutie kids over my leave— don’t let them do too much growing! 🙂 – Hannah