Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday!

This week was a rollercoaster of emotion as we explored our feelings! 

We started the week by reading Lots of Feelings and naming some of the different emotions we feel sometimes. We then went through a stack of emoji paper plates and talked about what each may be feeling before dot-dotting them yellow to color them in! Check out the finished product on the wall outside our room.  

Tuesday we read Todd Parr’s The Feelings Book before building faces out of rocks. Each rock had an eyeball, nose, or mouth, and our job was to create a face and think about the emotions each part may represent— a frown or tears mean sad, a smile means happy, etc. They loved feeling the smoothness of the rocks and trying to find the right pieces to create their faces.  

The next day we read I Was So Mad and talked about how it feels when we feel angry. In the story the little girl takes a walk to calm down, and we listed a few ways we can calm down, like deep breaths, counting, or going to a calm-down house. Then we listened to peaceful music and watercolored, as it’s a favorite calming activity for everyone. They turned out beautifully!  

On Thursday we read a book about feeling silly. The book told us that there are times and places when it’s good to be silly, and times when it’s not. Afterwards we spread out on the rug to mix and match plastic eggs. The top halves had eyes and the bottom halves had a mouth, and we tried to identify which emotion each egg was feeling with each changed expression. 

Friday we plan to go to Shabbat and read a book about feeling sad, and how to help yourself feel better. We’ll then practice expressions of different emotions in mirrors!

Of course this week we also had plenty of big room and playground time, and lots of classroom play!

Ms. Alyssa will be taking us to the zoo next week! 

We hope you have a restful Shabbat. 


Ms. Hannah and Ms. Alyssa