Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom! 

This week we focused on kindness; to our friends and family! 

Monday was a big day! We started the week off by celebrating our friend Harper’s birthday! She is officially 2 years old! Then we read Will I have a Friend? and making a kindness chain. We talked about the different ways we can be kind to our friends. For each example, we wrote them on their own links and put them together in the form of a chain. They knew so many ways to be kind to their friends! Adom also got the opportunity to have a special lunch in the Sukkah! We learned about the etrog and lulav. We each got to smell the etrog and shake the lulav. After learning about those, we read a book while we ate lunch! We LOVED getting to have lunch outside. Monday was a BIG day!

Tuesday was Simchat Torah! We read a book about the holiday called Simchat Torah is Coming, and then read the book Sharing is Caring. After we finished the book, we wrote and decorated postcards with our dot dot markers for our friends in the different classes. The kids got to be special helpers and deliver them to each room! They had a blast putting smiles on our friends’ faces.

Wednesday means music day! We sang our favorite songs yet again and had the very best time. Later we read the book Kindness to Share from A to Z. After the book, we grabbed some of our stuffed animal friends to demonstrate how to have nice and gentle touches to friends. We recently got a nice set of our favorite Sesame Street characters, which the kids have been loving to snuggle. They got to use those and show us how to be so kind and gentle with them when we play.

On Thursday we read Be a Friend. The kids made something special for you parents; just a little something to say thanks for being the best 🙂 They made flowers with their handprints for petals. The kids had so much fun getting dirty with the paint on their hands! Sometimes it gets a little messy, but it’s always worth it.

For Friday, we plan to bring in Shabbat like every other week, but it never gets old! After Shabbat we will read the book Making Friends and do an activity teaching the kids how to be kind to the earth! The kids will walk around the building picking up litter in the hallways. They’re such good helpers when we clean up in the classroom and after their snacks, so I know they’ll be excited to help clean up their school! 

Next week Ms. Hannah plans to cover the topic of our feelings! They are getting so good at identifying how they feel and communicating what they need from their friends. We can’t wait for them to learn even more. 

We hope your weekend is filled with love and lots of quality time together! 

Shabbat Shalom Adom families, 

Ms. Alyssa & Ms. Hannah