Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Our focus on Simchat Torah (Rejoicing with the Torah) made for a happy week in the Toddler Room.  It is a joyous holiday which marks reaching the end of the Torah scroll and rerolling it back to the beginning to start fresh.  

Here are some highlights from the week:

Kellan visited our classroom and fit right in with the other kids. He will be moving up from the baby room soon and has visited a few times this week to check things out. He will make a great addition to our classroom and we are excited to have him join us soon. 

The toddlers created mini-torahs this week by coloring long strips of paper which were then rolled around popsicle sticks to look like a mini version of a torah.  They turned out so cute!

The children practiced shape matching using a sheet of outlined shapes inside a drawing of a cookie.  The chocolate chips were the shapes that need to be matched to the right place. It was tricky to slide them exactly onto the right shape outline. 

The kids painted a huge torah with paint brushes, sponges, large stampers and rolling cars.  They loved digging in and getting messy!   

Although the ground was too wet on Tuesday to play outside on the playground, we loaded up the strollers and took a nature walk outside.  The kids looked at and listened to the leaves on the trees and also spotted a few birds. We were disappointed there weren’t any ducks in the pond though. 

We took advantage of the nice sunny days this week and played outside multiple times.  The toddlers loved running around, climbing, spotting airplanes and jumping.  

We worked on color matching and sorting by practing with multiple color leaf shapes and putting matching yogurt lids on the correct colored leaf. We worked together as a group on the activity and then individually. 

We made flags with crayons, dot-dot markers, stamps and stickers and them paraded down the hall to show our excitement for Simchat Torah!

Pajama Day was super-duper cute!!  Thanks for showing your school spirit and dressing your kids up in their charming pjs.  They were even more snuggly than usual and we loved it!

We have missed Ms. Aly crazy much this week while she has been out sick.  We look forward to seeing her next week!

Alex was shabbat helper this week.  🙂

A few quick notes:

Please continue to bring (labeled) mittens, hats and coats.  We will go outside whenever possible. We have a safety chart which factors in air temp and wind chill to determine if the weather is safe for our little nuggets to be outside.  

Our ipad accepts messages from parents but does not notify us if a message came through from one of you.  We only notice it if we are entering some diapers or meals. If something is very time sensitive please let Amber know to give us a heads up. 

Next week Mr. Benny will lead the class in a week all about fall. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny