Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

These past two weeks have been a blast, first focusing on cars, and then learning about Sukkot! 

Most of our kids LOVE to play with, talk about, and drive cars! 

Last Monday we read Little Blue Truck, and got to drive our hot wheels through “mud” to make tire tracks. This book is one of their favorites that they can’t get enough of! We keep it in our classroom on their bookshelf for whenever they want a good read. 

Tuesday, we read a book called Late For School, and talked about all of the different vehicles the teacher used in order to make it to school. With those different forms of transportation in mind, each kid used their dot-dot markers in order to color in a different vehicle with circles in them to practice staying in the lines. They turned out beautifully! 

We knew we had a short day on Wednesday and no school on Thursday, so we wanted to make sure we got one of the kids’ favorite activities in! We read Goodnight, Little Blue Truck, and then used our water bins to have a car wash with all of our cars we dragged through the mud on Monday. The kids are great helpers when it comes to cleaning up 🙂 

We brought in Shabbat the best way we know how; being with all our friends singing our favorite Shabbat songs! Last week was Adom’s turn to send up some Shabbat helpers! After Shabbat, we read Bunnies on the Go, and then we molded some cars out of clay to make our own models.

With Sukkot beginning on Monday evening, we used this week to learn about main aspects of the holiday. We started by reading Let’s Build a Sukkah! before building sukkot using playdoh, popsicle sticks, and paper leaves. Balancing the paper roof turned out to be pretty tricky, but we still made some lovely sukkot! 

On Tuesday we talked about how we decorate our sukkah with paper chains and pretty hanging things, then used chain link pieces to work on stringing together long chains (and working out our fine motor skills!) With lots of teamwork we were able to make a SUPER chain! 

We continued our sukkah decor making on Wednesday by creating paper fruits to hang from the roof in a garland. We used contact paper and bits of tissue paper to fill in our fruits the correct color. They are currently on display in the hall, and will come with us to our sukkah lunch on Monday! 

Yesterday we talked about the harvest and how we are thankful for the food that comes from the ground— like pumpkins! After looking at and smelling the pumpkin, we tried some sensory play with the ooey gooey pumpkin guts. Some friends did not want to touch it at all, while others loved the slimy squishy feeling! 

Friday we will once again have Shabbat before talking about what we do with the lulav and etrog, and working on knowing our directions. 

Both weeks we have had lovely weather and that has allowed for lots of outside play! 

Ms. Alyssa will be talking to us about being kind friends next week. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa