Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova! 

The past two weeks were short, but we enjoyed the time to adjust to our new routine and welcome back old friends to our class. There were also lots of new toys to explore, both inside and outside! 

Both weeks, our activities focused on Rosh Hashanah— talking about the new year, the foods we eat, and tzedakah! 

Last Wednesday we read the book Happy Birthday World! to introduce the meaning of the holiday, and then worked on lining up pompoms on circles in a pomegranate (or pompomegranate, if you will.) It’s tricky stuff, but everyone worked hard to try and put all their pompoms in the right places. 

The next day we worked on more fine motor skills by practicing cutting paper with scissors! We cut up red paper bits to fill in apples. It takes a lot of concentration and not all our friends quite get it yet, but it’s still fun to introduce new materials and try figuring out how to use them! We used red crayons as well to try and make our apples nice and colorful. 

Friday we attempted making playdoh round challahs! We tried two methods: stamping out circles, or rolling it up. Playdoh is always a hit! We had fun singing at Shabbat as well! 

After the long weekend, we had a bit of scientific investigation on Wednesday by looking close at different parts of an apple with a magnifying glass. We looked at the skin, seeds, core, and stem, and talked about how an apple grows on a tree. We also enjoyed music with Cantor Havilio. 

Thursday we talked about doing a mitzvah and tzedakah, and how we can help other people by donating things or money. We practiced putting coins in and then used watercolor paint to decorate our tzedakah boxes. They turned out beautifully! 

Friday we plan to have Shabbat, and use bubble wrap to stamp/paint a beehive. Next week Ms. Alyssa has fun car themed activities for us! We hope you had a meaningful holiday, and enjoy the weekend! 


Ms. Hannah and Ms. Alyssa