Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom! 

It was a hot week, and we were able to enjoy water play every day! The water table has been out every day as well, which todds love to splash in. 

All week we talked about different helpers in our community, how they help us, and why we are very thankful for them. Our book we read throughout the week was People in Your Neighborhood, a Sesame Street book. We started on Monday by focusing on doctors, who help us feel better and make sure we grow up strong. Thank you, doctors! Then we painted using different doctor supplies—cotton swabs, cotton balls, syringes, tongue depressors, sponges, and more. It was quite messy, but fun to experiment with different items and different ways to paint! 

The next day we talked about mail carriers. They help us by bringing the letters and packages we need to our homes, every day. Thank you, mail carriers! We then matched shapes on envelopes to same-same shapes on boxes, so we could “mail” the letters to the right place. We have some shape superstars in our class! 

On Wednesday we read Fire Engine No. 9 and discussed how firefighters help us by keeping people safe in emergencies. Thank you, firefighters! Then we went on a walk around the preschool looking for fires to put out with pool-noodle “hoses.” We put them all out and kept everyone safe! 

Wednesday was also Hawaiian day— all the tropical outfits made us look ready for a vacation!

Thursday was trash day! Garbage collectors and sanitation workers help us stay clean and healthy by taking away our trash and gross/germy things. Thank you, sanitation workers! We explored sensory bins full of (clean) trash— egg cartons, plastic bags, used tape, straws, pouch caps, and more. We talked about how garbage collectors take all these kinds of things away so it doesn’t just pile up in our homes. It’s always fun to compare different materials and textures; plus some of our friends often try to dig in the trashcan anyway so this was a perfect activity for them 🙂 

On Friday we plan to go over how teachers help us learn and grow our brains, and practice being teachers to babies and stuffies. Thank you, teachers! 

Next week we will be exploring the oceans with Ms. Alyssa. Have a restful Shabbat and weekend! 


Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah