Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom families! 

Our friends are back from vacation, we missed you! Unfortunately we didn’t get to do any water play or go outside on the climbers this week, but we did get new turf!! We got to spend a lot of time in the Big Room this week 🙂

This week we talked about the rainforest and all of the different animals you can find in it. 

We started the week reading the book The Living Rainforest. It showed us one animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet. We saw some we recognized, and we got to learn about animals we hadn’t heard of before! After learning about rainforest animals and the alphabet, we got to play in our own rainforest sensory bins to find animals.

On Tuesday we read Down in the Jungle. Snakes have been a few of our friends’ favorite toys to play with, so we did some painting and made snakes, like the ones in the rainforest! They enjoyed painting so much and did such careful work painting the plates.

Music day! On Wednesday we had music in the sanctuary. Another successful music day. After music we did some more playing in the big room and then did our activity. We read The Secrets of the Rainforest and made rainsticks. The kids got to paint them and help put beans in to make the “rain”.

On Thursday we read Rainforest Animals. After we learned more about the animals, we used some of our toys to make animal tracks in Play-doh and guessed which prints were from which animal. It’s been a little bit since we last got to play with Play-doh, so we were eager to get started!

On Friday we get to go back to the sanctuary and celebrate Shabbat. After Shabbat we will read Jungle Baby and play in our water bins! We’ll look and play with animals that live in the water. 

We hope you all have a terrific weekend with your loved ones. Enjoy another weekend outside with good weather! Shabbat Shalom! 

Ms. Alyssa & Ms. Hannah