Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom Adom Families! 

This week we are talking about how we can make friends by being a kind and gentle friend ourselves! 

We started the week off by reading Little Dinos Don’t Hit. The kids always love Michael Dahl’s books. From the title you can tell it is about keeping your hands to yourself and helping your friends to have fun together. After we read the book we made handprints of each kid and used them to make a “friendship wreath” for each of our friends. Each one has a collage of pictures of each friend in our class. They love to look at the picture to name and talk about each of their friends. We also got back outside today and had a blast drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Another fun new aspect of our summer days has been seeing all of the baby frogs around the playground with our eyes and not our hands. We love helping them find their friends outside of the playground walls.

On Tuesday we read the book Be Fair and Share. The book talks about how playdates can be more fun for everyone if you are willing to share. It talks about how you can have special toys that you may not want to share, and that’s okay, but choosing to share is the most fun! To demonstrate sharing, we all sat on a circle in the middle of the floor and rolled one ball between all of our friends to show that sharing is caring.

We really continue practicing saying “two minutes, my turn next please” while holding up two fingers and calmly waiting until the two minutes are up. We also talk about how when we take a toy from another friend it means that it is the friend’s turn with that toy, and we cannot take things from someone’s hands. We also had so much fun during our fire drill practice! We told the kids about the alarm that goes off when there is a fire and how we have to go outside to a certain spot. They were all so excited and were talking about how we all needed to “get out”. They continued to talk about the “alarm” throughout the day and how proud of how well they did.

The next day we got to go to music again, one of our favorite parts of the week!

We also got back to water play today with a new sprinkler! We added some new buckets to our collection that some of the kids love using to have water poured on their heads.

After some fun in the sun we read the book Little Dinos Don’t Yell. We’ve been using this book to address some shouting that has been happening among our friends. We talked about how we can yell in the Big Room and outside on the playground, but not in the classroom or at nap time because it hurts our ears and our friends are trying to sleep! To demonstrate loud and soft noises we grabbed a few toys off of four shelves and had them tell us which toys were loud and which were soft.

On Thursday we enjoyed more waterplay and then read the book Hippo Says “Excuse Me”. We painted leaves for our friendship flowers that represent our friendships that are continuing to grow and grow in Adom. Each leaf has one of our friends’ names on it. One leaf from each child’s painting went on their friends’ flowers so they can all have a little piece of art from one another. We revisited Little Dinos Don’t Yell because sometimes our little dinos forget 🙂 

On Friday we plan to read Little Dinos Don’t Push. When reading this book we like to really talk through each page about how hitting makes their friends feel really sad and how it hurts their bodies. We encourage the kids to check on their friend after getting hurt to make sure they are okay.

The kids truly get along well and enjoy spending time with each other, which we love seeing through all of the pictures in our blogs. 

Ms. Hannah plans to focus on farms and the animals we can find there next week. They love playing with the animals on our shelves, so we know they’ll be excited! 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating America’s Independence Day! 

Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah