Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Fall toddler families! How crazy. It has been a chilly week but thankfully that hasn’t stopped us from having fun! 

With the leaves falling from the trees and the air feeling crisp it truly feels like Sukkot! Sukkot is the festival of booths! Sukkah is booth in hebrew! Sukkot comes 5 days after Yom Kippur and is a week long celebration. Here are some fun facts that we learned about Sukkot:

  • A sukkah is the structure built during sukkot! It is supposed to resemble the homes Isrealites lived in while they were wandering in the desert. 
  • The sukkah is built with three walls and the roof should have holes in it so you can look up and see the stars at night! People build sukkot outside of their homes and often eat meals and even sleep in them during the week of celebration. There is one by the front door of Bet Shalom. 
  • On Sukkot we shake the Lulav and Etrog. We shake them right, left, forward, up and down. This is supposed to draw blessing from all corners of the earth and sent blessing out to all creations 
  • A lulav is made up of a palm branch, myrtle and willow branches. 
  • An etrog is a citron fruit. 

All week we sang “5 Little Pumpkins” and used our apple props and pretended they were pumpkins.

We also learned a fun new song “My Built a Little Sukkah” to the tune of “I Made a Little Dreidel”. We read It’s Sukkah Time and learned about a classroom who was also celebrating Sukkot! 

On Monday we started our day with some sensory exploration. We had dried corn on the cob, and assorted gourds to touch and feel!

Later we went to art with Ms. Beth! This week we colored cutie bears, and decorated their caves. Next we got to paint the background for them to live on. The todds super enjoyed this project, they loved the variety of tasks and especially loved painting. Check them out in the hallway near our camel! 

Tuesday our morning started with some coloring and stickers. The todds decorated colorful pieces of paper that would soon turn into a decoration for our sukkah!

Later we played in the sensory table it was filled with black beans, pumpkins, corn and a variety of colorful gourds! Oh, and some bowls for dumping and filling. 🙂

Wednesday was a fun special day. We started with our favorite pom poms!

Later we had music in our sukkah! It was so fun to see it in person, we brought up our big paper chain we made to decorate it with. The todds were so fascinated by the structure. The mail truck even passed by and we could see it through the walls. 🙂 Cantor Schwartz helped us shake the lulav and etrog in all the directions.

It was a tad too chilly to eat in the sukkah so we had a picnic in the social hall instead. The todds did great!

Thursday morning was all about making our own lulav and etrog to shake. The todds decorated their yellow paper for their etrog, helped attach the leaves and branches of the lulav and then made the yellow paper into an etrog by crumpling it up! They turned out pretty cute. They are taped together for easier shaking. 

Friday we will celebrate Shabbat with Gus as our Shabbat Helper. 🙂 

Next week we will learn all about things fall and the next jewish holiday Simchat Torah! 

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather!


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny!