Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom Adom families! 

We finally got out for some water play this week, and the todds were all for it! They mainly like to fill up and dump buckets, but some friends will stick their whole head in the sprinkler. We enjoyed just playing on the playground on the cooler days, and had lots of big room time as well!

This week was all about BUGS! Creepy crawlies, weird wrigglies, buzzing bugs; we love them all! We started off with some time in the gaga pit, a wooden pen where we can play in the grass. We read a book about different types of bugs before going on a bug hunt in the grass! They enjoyed walking around, finding the little plastic bugs, and feeling the grass. 

On Tuesday we read The Grouchy Ladybug, one of my favorites! Ladybugs are good friends to plants because they help them by eating aphids. We fed pompoms “aphids” to ladybug containers. Some tried to carefully use the tweezers and others just used their hands; either way it’s good fine motor practice!

My plan for Wednesday involved taping different color bugs around on the carpet, calling out colors and asking them to go find that bug. But of course, toddlers rarely like to follow the plan! 🙂 They immediately started ripping them off the carpet, and they were unstoppable after that! After collecting and crumpling for awhile, we tried to color sort them on the board. 

The next day we played in sand sensory bins with plastic and real bugs. The todds loved showing off their real bugs, and we talked about each bug’s name. Scoops, flower pieces, and rocks gave different textures and different ways to move and feel the sand. 

Friday is rainbow day! We plan to do a sticker activity and will have Shabbat. Ms. Alyssa will be focusing on the theme of friends next week, and teaching us how to be kind friends! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah