Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom Families! 

This week we focused on water, all different kinds and where you can find it! 

We started the week off by reading Rain, a picture book about how much fun a brother and sister had together in the rain. After reading the book, the kids got to use some of our jumping (plastic) frogs to paint footprints from the frogs by making them hop around their papers. We talked about how much frogs love to hop in and out of the puddles. 

On Tuesday we read a book called Rain Feet. Following the book we did a science experiment! We used a paper towel and four different cups filled with water each with a different color of food dye in them. We divided the paper towel with four strips and put each strip into a cup to watch it absorb each color and see what the middle would look like. Then we mixed different colors to see what colors they made in separate cups. The kids loved watching the colors mix in with the water. 

The next day we read the book Into the A, B, Seas. It is all about showing different sea creatures and the alphabet. After being captivated by the book, we got to use some watercolor paints to make beautiful art of different animals that live in the sea. The kids always love using the watercolors and making masterpieces, and they always do such a great job.

They also got to enjoy another day of music in the sanctuary! 

On Thursday we made something special for all of our amazing Dads! The kids wanted to show their appreciation for helping them grow into the wonderful people they are becoming. We hope you enjoy their gifts 🙂 

Friday, we will bring in Shabbat in the sanctuary and talk about things that sink and/or float in water! 

We did go outside this week, but didn’t get to do water-play. We are looking forward to being outside more next week with hopefully more water play! 

Next week Ms. Hannah will be exploring the different kinds of bugs! 

We hope you all have a meaningful shabbat and time with your families. 

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Father’s Day! 

Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah