Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom Adom families!

We continued our exploration of Eric Carle books this week. 

We started on Monday by reading The Tiny Seed, which is about a seed traveling around the world on the wind before it finally lands and grows into a big beautiful flower. We then played in bean sensory bins, and talked about how all of the beans are seeds that could grow into plants! We had magnifying glasses in the bins as well, to try to get a good look at our own tiny seeds. 

Tuesday we read Mr. Seahorse, the story of a daddy seahorse swimming around the ocean while taking good care of his eggs. He meets other papa fishies who take care of their eggs, too. Afterwards we made rainbow seahorses by sticking tissue paper to contact paper. The todds love to feel the sticky surface and crumple the little bits of paper. They turned out beautifully and are hanging in our window! 

The next day we had water sensory bins after reading Rooster’s Off to See the World. Rooster wants to see the world and picks up a few friends on the start of his journey, before they all realize they’d really rather just be at home. In our water bins were the animals from the story. We also enjoyed music with Cantor Havilio on Wednesday!

On Thursday we read The Mixed Up Chameleon, in which a chameleon wishes he had the abilities of other animals before realizing he’d actually rather be himself. We talked about how chameleons change colors to blend in to whatever they’re on, and that it is called camouflage. We then had a color matching activity where everyone was given a few different colored chameleons and they had to find the right piece of paper for the chameleon to blend in to. They did such a good job, we have a class full of color-smart superstars! 

With the extreme heat this week, we didn’t get outside as much as we hoped, but the water play we did have was a big hit! We also found a baby bunny hiding under the big climber one day, and had fun watching him for a little while. The rest of the week we enjoyed running around the air-conditioned big room 🙂 

On Friday we will reread our CD book of Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me, and stamp lids to make moon art. We are also sad to say goodbye to our friend Eliana who will be leaving for the summer after this week. We’ll miss you, Eliana! 

Next week Ms. Alyssa will be teaching us about water and all it can do! 

Enjoy your weekend,

Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Hannah