Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday!  

We finished the last of our conferences this past Monday and wanted to thank you all for the great conversations we had.  Since we see ourselves as a team with you, it’s nice to have the opportunity to connect and share what we are seeing on both of our ends and work together in the best interest of the kids.  We care about them all and want the best for them!

We have had so much fun learning about birds this week.  I came up with some goals to focus on… I hope at the end of the week they (the older toddlers primarily) are able to identify a blue jay, cardinal and robin.  They should know that different birds make different sounds.  Also that birds’ houses are nests, they lay eggs (robin eggs are blue) and they keep the eggs warm with their tummies. I encourage you to watch and listen for birds with your child.  See if they can share with you anything they learned this week. 

Here is our week in review…

Monday we put a bird feeder on the outside of our classroom door.  We put sunflower seeds in it and watched to see if any birds showed up.  One cardinal was interested, but scared away by the movement (and screams) of the toddlers.  The chickadees were braver and showed up repeatedly for a snack.  We would yell out, “Chicka-dee-dee-dee” when we saw them.  The kids loved watching for them. After reading a book about an owl being awoken by birds singing their different songs, we used playdough and feathers to make our own bird creations. 

On Tuesday it was Book Character dress-up day. I dressed as Cookie Monster (a Mother’s Day gift from my own children) and lots of the toddlers dressed up as well.  We started the day playing with pom-poms, birds and eggs.  We pretended the pom-poms were eggs or food or baby birds. Later in the morning we learned about cardinals and were able to look at a real bird’s nest.  They then played in the sensory table with birds and eggs and rice.  They could use tweezers to try to feed worms to the birds. 

On Wednesday we started the day with music in the sanctuary with Rabbi Crimmings.  It was fun to hear her play her guitar and sing lots of familiar songs!  Later we learned about blue jays and then decorated tubes which will be our bird watching glasses.  We intended to go bird watching (and listening) on Thursday but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We will keep our creations and use them the next time the weather is nice enough to walk around the pond and look for birds! 

On Thursday we talked about robins. We got to see the real bird’s nest again and discovered robin’s eggs are blue.  We used water color paints to paint a picture of baby birds in a nest. 

On Friday we will celebrate Shabbat in the sanctuary and hopefully go for our bird watching walk.  We have been playing in our new dramatic play area this week.  It is a construction theme.  All the new toys have been very fun to explore!

Starting in June we will have water play with the children each day.  Please send in a swimsuit, towel, water shoes, sun hat of some sort, optional non-aerosol bug spray (we have had biting gnats in June), and summer clothes for their extra clothes bin. Thanks!

It’s a short week next week, but Ms. Hannah will plan her lessons around Winnie the Pooh.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa