Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom!
This week was all about MUSIC! We learned about different instruments, the sounds they make, and different styles of music. We also had lots of instruments to explore around the room all week!

We started the week with reading a book about lots of kinds of instruments, and then heard the different sounds demonstrated, before everyone got to try! They did such a good job being gentle and careful with the instruments.

The next day we investigated the variety of noises we could make with different materials in a corn sensory bin. There were plastic eggs, paper cups, and something metal, along with other random containers. The kids sat with the bins for so long, scooping and shaking and listening to all the different sounds. Sensory bins always really captivate the todds, and they can be made with anything!

On Wednesday we dot-dotted paper plates to make our very own shakers! Egg shakers are used often in our room, so we compared how they sounded— the paper plate shakers are definitely a lot louder!

Wednesday we also got to go to in-person music with Cantor! The kids engaged with all the dancing and singing and loved the energy of being in-person again!

Thursday, we read a book about the evolution of music styles, before painting with watercolors to different kinds of music. We listened to snippets of classical, jazz, rock, rap, and orchestral music, and talked about how each sounded. Their paintings came out beautifully!

We all LOVED the warm sunny weather this week! Between the playground and the big room, we had lots of large motor time this week!

Friday we will have Shabbat and an instrument circle. Next week Ms. Katie will be teaching us all about birds. We hope you all can get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend!

Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah