Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Wow, do we feel appreciated!!!  You all knocked it out of the park this week with teacher appreciation.  We feel truly appreciated and grateful to have such supportive families.  We give you a heartfelt thank you!  

Our theme of the week has been the author/illustrator Felicia Bond.  She is probably most famous for illustrating the series of books which started with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. She also wrote and illustrated one of my own childrens’ favorite books from young childhood, Tumble Bumble.  I have always loved her charming illustrations. 

On Monday of this week we read the book (by Felicia Bond) called, Big Hugs, Little Hugs.  It lists lots of opposite places/ways you can receive a hug.  We then worked on our top secret Mother’s Day gifts for all you moms.  We hope you like them. The end result justified the messy aftermath of the project. 🙂

Tuesday we read If You Take a Mouse to School.  The mouse did many things in the story which we do during our school day.  Toddlers always focus so well on books with which they can relate.  The mouse in the story builds a big block creation, so we also built with blocks. Each toddler had their own mouse for which to build a mouse house.  They loved free building time with the (almost) bottomless bin of chunky legos.  

Our highlight on Wednesday was music in the sanctuary!!  All the classes were able to attend – we were just spaced out around the sanctuary.  The kids loved seeing Cantor Havilio in person.  They cheered when she brought out her dinosaur puppet she has been using each week on zoom.  We were able to dance and sing together.  It was an amazing experience after being apart for so long.

Thursday was If You Give a Pig a Pancake day.  We read the charming story and then had the chance to measure and mix up some pancake batter.  Again the kids were able to all have turns with each job because we didn’t really eat their creation, we ate a separate mini batch which was created later.  For afternoon snack they were each able to sample a silver dollar pancake with a little strawberry jam on it.  It’s very fun to eat what you have created.

On Friday we will read my favorite Tumble Bumble and then go on a walk finding all the characters from the book in the order they appear.  We have been introducing sequencing this week.  

All week we have been checking on the seeds the kids planted with Miss Hannah last week.  They have used the spray bottles to water them and Hannah has showed them the progress throughout the week. 

Next week Hannah is planning a week filled with music and musical activities!

Again thank you for making us feel so pampered this week!  We are grateful.


Ms. Katie, Miss Hannah & Miss Alyssa