Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom families! What a beautiful and warm end to our week! We loved all the outside time we got this week as the weather got warmer, and by Thursday we barely needed jackets! 

We spent this week learning about the Earth— we talked about how Earth is everyone’s home, from people to animals to trees, and that there are things we can do to help keep our planet healthy. We also focused on the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, which means repairing the world. We can do this mitzvah by loving the Earth and trying to make it better and protect it! 

Monday, we read Good Night World then looked at a globe and pointed out the little tiny dot where we live, before sticking little blue and green paper pieces to our Earths. Tearing and crumpling is always a favorite toddler activity!

We did another craft on Wednesday. We read It’s a Mitzvah Grover and talked about recycling and how it can help the Earth. The kids are always all so engaged when we read any Sesame Street books, they love to point out their favorite characters! After, we reused egg cartons and turned them into caterpillars. Coincidentally  the older classrooms are raising butterflies right now so we were able to observe real caterpillars while we worked our our watercolor project. We love using magnifying glasses to check things out!

On Tuesday we learned how we can plant seeds in the ground to grow different things, like vegetables or flowers or trees. Planting seeds and growing things helps the Earth, because that’s how we get food and the air we breathe! Our little scientists then investigated different seeds and dirt with a magnifying glass, to see all the teeny details. One by one, they came up to plant green beans and pinto beans. We hope they can grow big! 

On Thursday we learned a bit about the ocean and that it is a big part of the world— the whole blue part! We read I Love the Earth and splashed in water bins full of different ocean animals, shells, and some little plastic pieces. Unfortunately a lot of plastic trash gets in the ocean, but we can love and repair the Earth by using less plastic! The todds were excited to learn the names of all the different animals they hadn’t seen much of before. 

We plan to end the week with Shabbat and making bird feeders to put outside our windows. Next week Miss Katie will be focusing on the author Felicia Bond. 

Shabbat Shalom! 


Miss Katie, Miss Alyssa, and Miss Hannah