Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello again, fabulous families!  We have enjoyed another fun week together!  As always, we believe in learning through play, therefore much of our learning is embedded in our everyday routines.  We count snacks together as we hand them out or we talk about the children’s names written on their cubbies as we get their outdoor gear on (Asher, there is your letter!  It’s an A!).  Countless learning opportunities happen in this way everyday.  We structure our lesson times around a theme.  This week it was the author, Todd Parr.  He writes bright, colorful, socially conscious, positive books which are great for toddlers!

On Monday we started the day playing with playdough.  The kids poked spaghetti noodles into their dough and then threaded small pieces of straws onto the noodles.  We also worked on rolling snakes.  We had lots of great fine motor practice when working with playdough!  Later in the morning we read the book, Cars and Trucks by Todd Parr.  He talked about all different kinds of vehicles that help us in different ways.  After the book we brought in many different vehicles, tracks, garages, ramps and train tracks for the kids to explore.  The activity gave us lots of practice sharing in close proximity, waiting for their turn and practice putting different types of pieces together.

On Tuesday we read The Kindness Book.  As we read the book we talked about examples of all the kind things our toddlers had done in our classroom.  After our talk we watercolor painted Be Kind pictures to take home.  We then took turns putting on our Mitzvah Mice crowns and doing the good deed of delivering some of our favorite things to the other classes – ice packs and band aids!  Some of the toddlers were a little shy, but they were loved by all the older children and teachers.  They looked so darn cute too!

On Wednesday we read Don’t Worry Book.   There were many examples in the book of things that might make one feel worried and then ideas of how to help if you feel worried.  One of the examples dovetailed nicely with something we are working on in our classroom currently.  The books said loud noises could make you feel worried.  We have had an increase in loud voices/screaming in our classroom lately so after reading the book we used our stuffed mice to tell a prosocial story about not having too loud of voices inside.  Then we played in our very relaxing sand bins while listening to calm music. 

On Thursday we took a walk outside in the beautiful weather that we had. We went to the Gaga pit to read The School Book. They saw many similar things that we do here at school in the book (i.e singing songs, having lunch, playing outside, seeing our teachers, taking a nap, etc). We sang songs with our egg shakers and musical instruments, then we ran around and exercised our bodies. The book also talked about being excited to see our friends and welcoming them to school, which we always love opening to the door to another friend’s face.

On Friday we plan to reread Cars and Trucks. We’re going to play with more cars and wash them in our water bins to help them get all clean. Next week we are going to be focusing on helping our planet and the value of Tikkun Olam. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend spending time with your families and having a meaningful Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa