Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

What a fun week this had been!  Even though it has seemed like two separate mini-weeks, the day off in the middle for Yom Kippur was so meaningful and we were able to pack tons of good stuff into our days at school.

We learned about Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, which is the holiest day of the year.  For toddlers this is discussed in the simplest of terms; saying sorry, being a good friend, helping your family, help someone if you hurt them.  We looked at a poster about Yom Kippur and discussed the photos and also read a book called You Can Do a Mitzvah

After reading the book we headed to the Big Room to do a mitzvah for the kids in the school!  We used wipes to clean the climber and mats. Even the littlest of children like to feel helpful.  They loved having a job to do and worked hard at it. 

Later in the week we read the story of Noah and the Ark and worked on a variety of coinciding activities.  We had pairs of animals and Ark pieces in the sensory table this week. The kids scooped and sorted and shared and managed their bodies in very close proximity to their peers.  There were lots of good lessons and skills within their sensory play time. They also helped cleanup one or two (or 200) black beans off the rug. 🙂 

Another Noah activity was sorting animals by pairs into little egg carton “arks” and playing with them along with lots of pom-poms.  Pom-poms make everything fun!  

We also played a game where the kids listened to a sound the teacher made and then got to choose which of two animals would make that sound.  

Another fun activity was to sing Old MacNoah had an Ark.  When we got to the part where you choose a new animal each time, the teacher would pull an animal figure out of her lap and add it into the song.  The kids seemed to like it – especially when a dog or cat figure was pulled out.

We had a few glorious days of outdoor playtime.  We spent as much time outside as we could. The kids ran, climbed, played imaginative games together, snuggled with the teachers, kicked balls, pushed trucks around and just had a good time. We are grateful for these days before the cold is upon us again. 

We played with playdough and golf tees – which make great pokers to poke into the playdough.  It was a fun and different way to play with the playdough.

I am writing this Thursday night, but Friday will be an exciting day.  We will be wearing our tie-dye shirts and will start the day with Special Person Shabbat. Finley is our special helper. After snack we will head to see the firemen and firetruck we have visiting our school.  We’ve been reading firetruck books in preparation. It looks to be a really special day! 

Next week Aly will work with the kids to learn about Sukkot – the next Jewish holiday on the busy fall schedule! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny

PS Please label all your kids’ outerwear.  With so many kids changing in and out of jackets (and soon to be mittens and hats) it really helps us to have items labeled with their name.  I have always used Mabel’s Labels for my kids’ stuff. They stick well and stay on through many washings. Any label works though. 🙂 Thanks!