Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

We have had another full week in the Toddler Room!  We have started a series of weeks based on children’s authors.  This week we read lots of books by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  She was chosen for a few reasons.  Her books are written at a good level for toddlers and cover lots of topics they are learning about.  She has books about colors, counting, shapes, balance, and prepositions.  She also uses mice as the characters in her books and I have a soft spot for mice (shocking to some, I know).  We use stuffed mice in our prosocial stories quite often as well. Here are the books we used this week:

On Monday we celebrated Thea’s 2nd birthday.  All the kids loved the Elmo book she brought in and asked to read it over and over again!  Happy Birthday, Thea!

We changed out our dramatic play area over the break and how have a garden area in place of our animal rescue area.  The kids have enjoyed exploring all the new items in our classroom!

Our morning work on Monday was to check out orbeez in their dry form and then add water to the orbeez bin and watch them change throughout the day.  We later were able to squish them while secretly practicing our fine motor skills.

We read the book, Where is Jumper, and then colored and glued our own paper mice.  They are now displayed outside our classroom for a bit before being sent home.

On Tuesday we reread Where is Jumper and practiced using prepositions related to where Jumper was – under, over, through, in, out etc.  We then went for a walk outside and looked for the hidden mice around the pond.  The kids were super hunters!

On Wednesday after music with Rabbi Crimmings we read, Mouse Paint.  We saw white mice change colors when going into different color paint jars.  Then we painted a mouse drawn on a paper plate with red, blue and yellow paint.  We found out the paint colors change when mixed and we all ended up with brown in the end.

On Thursday we read, Mouse Shapes, and then played with all different types of shape puzzles and toys.  The kids could explore different activities and work together or independently.  They were very engaged and were able to share very well with each other.

Throughout the week we sang Hickory Dickory Dock and practiced our counting as our mice ran up and sat on our heads.  It was such a fun way to practice counting!

On Friday we will read, Balancing Act, and use balances and blocks to experiment with how things balance. We will also have Shabbat with Rabbi Crimmings! 

Next week Hannah will focus on the author, Anna Dewdney and also Yom HaAzmaut (Israeli Independence Day). 

As always, thanks for sharing your awesome kids with us!  We love being their teachers!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Alyssa