Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Matzah, charoset and seder plates – oh my!  

This week we spent our activity time learning about Passover.  We have an excellent book we use called, Jewish Every Day, which covers every Jewish holiday and breaks if down by age group – infant to 5 years.  It lists the concepts children ideally will take away from our teachings. This week’s planning was based on those concepts. 

Passover concepts for 2 year olds: 

  • We taste matzah and charoset
  • We have a seder and read a Haggadah
  • We tell the story of Moses and the Jewish people in Egypt
  • We sing songs about Pesach
  • I help look for the Afikoman

On Monday we read, My First Passover by Tommy dePaola.  We looked at Ms. Katie’s seder plate and the items that go on it and then painted plates to make our very own seder plate.  Later in the week when our plates were dry we glued photos of all the foods onto our plates. 

On Tuesday the toddlers loved hearing the story, Kippi and the Missing Matzah.  It takes place on Sesame Street and includes lots of their favorite characters. We then spent time holding matzah and exploring how it felt and smelled. Finally we painted our matzah (we didn’t waste any food – this was last year’s matzah which wasn’t used because we were closed due to COVID).

On Wednesday we explored a seder table and talked about all the different things used during Passover dinner and heard the story of Moses and the Jewish people. We also sang Passover songs with Cantor during our Zoom music time.

Thursday was super fun – we made charoset!  Actually I made some for them to taste and then they made some which we threw away due to COVID restrictions.  The nice thing about making a recipe which you aren’t going to eat is that every child can have a chance to cut the apples, sprinkle the cinnamon, measure the sugar and pour the juice.  As always we are so impressed with the toddlers’ attention span when we are cooking.  They sat at the tables for over 30 minutes completely focused on the process.

On Friday we read yet another story about Passover and then played in water bins full of frogs – one of the kid-friendly plagues. 🙂  We also celebrated Shabbat on Zoom and Hannah’s 2nd birthday!  Hannah brought in treats for the class, had a birthday crown and we read her favorite book to the class.  Your child will come home with a light up ball in their bag – a gift from Hannah!  Thanks, Hannah!

Next week most of us are off for spring break. The following week we will start a series of weeks focusing on different children’s authors.  The first week of April will center around Ellen Stoll Walsh.  

Wishing you all the best Passover seders and spring break fun! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa