Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom Adom families! This week was spent exploring anything and everything GREEN! In the classroom we had a green table with lots of different green objects to investigate, and a patch of green cellophane on the window created some cool green light in our room! 

 Despite it being green week, Tuesday was class color day, which meant lots of red outfits in Adom!

The weather this week meant there was lots of wet snow, perfect for making baby snowmen! Once the snow melted midweek, we loved being able to run around again. 

And, of course, big room time was as popular as ever! We have started needing to avoid saying the words “big room” until we are all cleaned up and ready to go, or else they all start screaming and jumping in excitement! 

We started the week by learning how to make green by mixing blue and yellow. We talked about things we know that are green, like grass, frogs, and broccoli, then pointed out green objects in our room. After a demonstration with colored water, we squished around blue and yellow paint in a baggie until it all became green paint. They had fun smushing and squishing, and we were able to see the colors slowly mix and change right before our eyes! 

On Tuesday we read Little Blue Truck, a classic class favorite, but we made it Little GREEN Truck instead! Then we used cars and frogs (representing the little truck’s friend, big green toad!) to paint on large green paper, rolling the cars to make tracks and hopping the frogs to make footprints. This turned pretty messy! For many of our friends, the big globs of paint to drive the car through were too tempting to not squish around their hands instead! With toddlers, we expect and encourage a certain level of mess, as it is one of the best ways to learn and explore different textures and materials. 

Wednesday we enjoyed zoom music, then played in individual sensory bins, each filled with a variety of green objects. Water bins are always a quiet, peaceful activity, as the kids get so absorbed in splashing and scooping and swirling the bubbles.

Our activity Thursday was dot-dotting green leaves onto bare trees. We talked about how the trees outside look pretty bare now, but pretty soon green leaves are going to grow, and there will be so much green outside! It’s always so fun to see the toddlers experiment with different methods of using dot-dots— smashing it down so it sprays out, drawing with it like a marker, lots of dots or just a few light ones… there are no wrong ways! 

On Friday we plan to watch zoom Shabbat, and then take advantage of the sunny day and go on a walk outside, searching for and pointing out anything green. Next week Ms. Katie will be teaching us all about Passover! 

Have a great weekend! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah