Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

This week we welcomed our new friend Alex to our classroom.  He has fit right in and seems to really love school and his new classmates.  Everyone has been interested in playing with him and many children already know his name. Welcome, Alex, we are so happy to have you in our class!

We have spent the last week working on our Super Manners!  It’s a combination of celebrating superheroes and practicing our manners.  We focused mainly on either saying (or signing) please and thank you.  We also worked on having quiet voices inside and not sharing our germs through using our “Super V”.  Super V is something I made up which helps the kids practice coughing or sneezing into their elbow.  The teachers have modeled how it works and have also acted it out with our stuffed animals.  When we feel a cough coming we swing our arm in front of our face (as a superhero would with a cape) and cough into the V of our elbow.  We of course call out, “Super V!!!” when we do it.  We have seen progress covering our coughs with this technique and we have had fun with it as well.

After reading about children using super manners we worked on coloring our own superhero masks. 

On Tueady, after lots of modeling of Super V, each child was given a superhero for which to build a lair.  We got out a huge bin of legos and let the kids work however they wanted.  Some loved collecting special pieces out of the bin, some built tall towers, some played with their superhero among the pieces.  They all were very engaged in the process.

Wednesday we read, Little Dinos Don’t Yell and then tested lots of objects from our classroom to see if they were loud or quiet.  It is always interesting when we try something new with the kids to see if it flops and doesn’t hold their attention or if it is something intriguing to them.  The kids ended up loving this and were very engaged for a long time.  They also sang favorite songs such as ABCs both quietly and loudly.

Thursday we read  Penguin says Please &  Bear Says Thank You and then practiced saying please and thank you while playing with one of the kids’ favorites – pom-poms.  There were lots of different pieces they can play with so there were ample opportunities to practice their manners. The kids who aren’t yet at the point to use their words were encouraged to sign.  We also often fill in the words for the children so they all can have success.  We cheer when they attempt to use super manners.

A favorite thing this week was being Super Helpers!  The children took turns putting on their Mitzvah Mice crowns and helping move the food which has been donated for our ICA Food Drive.  (Thank you for all the donations!)  The kids loved having a special mitzvah to do!

As always we had tons of large motor time, both indoors and outdoors.  The weather has been such a welcome break from the cold!

Our new young toddler room (Kahol) opens on Monday.  Harper and Luca will move to the new class, but will join us again when they are older.  We will miss them but are excited for their new experiences in Kahol!

Next week Ms. Hannah will plan our week around the color green!!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa