Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Toddlers ❤️ dress up!

Toddlers ❤️ facepainting!

Toddlers ❤️ scavenger hunts!

Toddlers ❤️ cookies (even just play dough ones)!

Toddlers ❤️ Purim!

Oh, what a fun week we’ve had!  

We started the week with one last day of learning about dinosaurs.  Ms. Alyssa worked with the kids to learn the names of different dinosaurs.  The older toddlers impressed us with their dino knowledge! Then each child had a dinosaur “egg” (we froze water balloons with mini dinosaurs inside) which they helped to “hatch”. They used brushes and warm water like mini paleontologists.  This activity was a huge success.  

On Tuesday, we made bear masks for Purim.  The kids used glue and lots of bits and pieces of tissue paper to decorate their masks.  They looked so cute wearing them during our Zoom music call with Cantor Havilio.  In the photos you can also see their superhero/princess attire! 

On Wednesday, after listening to a story about Purim, we used our watercolor paints to paint plates and then put them together to create groggers (noise makers used while listening to the Purim story).  They are quite loud when all the toddlers are shaking them together! 

All week we have had our costume bin out and the kids have loved trying on all the different options!  We also have dress up day on Friday and love seeing all the darling costumes!

My favorite Purim activity of the week was making play dough hamantaschen. After hearing a story about a bunch of animals who didn’t help a bubbe make hamantaschen, we rolled, cut and shaped our play dough cookies.  They could choose poppyseed or prune filling, which was just brown play dough. 🙂  We talked about circles and triangles during the activity.

Amber set up a scavenger hunt outside where the kids searched for Purim related photos hid all around the entire playground.  The kids ran around and yelled out whenever they saw one.  We were so excited with what great hunters they all were! As their prize they each received an egg shaker (pseudo-grogger) which should come home in their backpacks.

We were SO excited to be able to play outside everyday this week.  The fresh air and open space are both so good for getting the wiggles out. 

We are sad to say good-bye to Kate and Kellan as they are moving up to Preschool starting next week.  Their big personalities are such a part of our class dynamic; we will miss them greatly, but know they are very ready for the new challenges! 

The week finished up with a hamantaschen hunt and Shabbat service on Friday.  Next week Hannah will teach the kids about the alphabet through the story, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Happy Purim and have a great weekend!

Ms. Katie, Ms, Hannah & Ms. Alyssa