Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

ROAR!! This week was all about dinosaurs! We brought in lots more dinos, and our train table turned into a dinosaur stomping ground. We loved seeing all the dino outfits Wednesday!

Monday afternoon we also transformed our dramatic play area into an animal rescue shelter! The next day they were so excited to explore the new setup, and we’ve loved taking care of our animals all week! Especially popular have been a couple of big dogs that got lots of hugs and kisses! 

On Monday we also celebrated Asher’s birthday. He brought in a special treat and a cute book about famous scientists to share with everyone. Happy birthday, Asher!!

We started our dino week by reading and listening to Laurie Berkner’s We are the Dinosaurs, then had our dinos stomp around on play doh, to see if we could make footprints. They enjoyed squishing and stomping their dinosaurs— play doh is always a guaranteed hit! 

Sensory bins are always a calm and quiet activity time, and this week we had more sand bins, filled with dinosaurs, plastic eggs, and rocks. We talked some about how dinosaurs are found buried in the ground, and had fun pouring the sand between the egg halves! 

We did a few art projects this weeks; the todds always love a chance to get messy! On Tuesday we decorated dino name plates with dot-dots. 

Thursday, we used sponge stamps to make dinosaur tracks. They turned out so cute! Some friends preferred to squish their sponge and feel the slimy paint instead of stamping. Art is a great time to explore different materials and textures! 

With the continuation of the cold weather, the whole week was spent inside. We always love our big room time, and this week was extra exciting because we had a few new (to us) toys to test out! A favorite movement song this week was the classic Going on a Bear Hunt, it is so cute to see them all march around with their “binoculars” and start to learn the words to the song!

Friday we will watch zoom Shabbat and splash in some dinosaur water bins. 

Next week Ms. Katie will be continuing our dinosaur theme, and teaching us about Purim! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah