Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Monday started with the Toddlers rocking Sporty Dress-up Day!  We represented a variety of teams and sports and all looked so cute doing it! Good job, parents!

Also on Monday we discovered our baby grass has started to grow.  The toddlers love to check their own cup and see how the grass is growing.  They also like to water their plants with the spray bottles even though it is very tricky to get them to spray.

Our theme last week was healthy bodies and this week we transitioned into healthy minds and calm bodies. Toddlers are always working on skills to manage their big feelings and this week was dedicated to that! It was especially timely since the weather has not cooperated and we haven’t been able to get outside all week and are all going a little stir crazy! 

On Monday we practiced deep breaths (which we always do but we added extra this week) and learned some yoga poses.  The favorites seemed to be butterfly and downward dog. We continued practicing these throughout the week in the Big Room. The kids are great mimics and did a nice job trying to mirror their teachers. 

On Tuesday we reread a class favorite, Little Monkey Calms Down. I highly recommend it to all of you. It sparks conversations about feelings and also calm down strategies. After reading our book and trying out some strategies we worked together to make 7 mini calm down bottles.  We poured oil and water, added orbeez, hearts and glitter.  The children are SO attentive when we are making things and (mostly) wait patiently for their turn to help. 

Wednesday they played in “zen gardens” drawing patterns in the sand and well as digging and running their fingers through it.  It seems most any sensory bin is calming for toddlers.  If you don’t have some already I would highly recommend making some at home.  There are tons of resources online and limitless options.  

Thursday’s activity was my favorite.  After reading Little Blue Truck and using our emotions poster to figure out what the truck and animals were feeling throughout the book (and practicing what our faces would look like if we were happy, anxious, scared, and excited) we did a really fun activity.  We turned on classical music (Beethoven), dimmed the lights and painted using watercolor paints.  Their paintings turned out so well.  We will send them home Friday for you to see. 

Later in the week we took the calm down bottles we made and delivered them to the other classes and to Amber.  We wore our Mitzvah Mouse crowns and brought them to the other classrooms.  The toddlers were so cute and proud to share their creations. 

Friday we will celebrate Shabbat over Zoom and enjoy our delicious challah and juice snack.  Next week Ms. Hannah will teach the children about Dinosaurs!!!

We have you all have a wonderful weekend. 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa