Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday! This week we welcomed Luca to our class. He fit right in, and we are so lucky to have him! Welcome, Luca! 

On Monday, we celebrated Ellie’s birthday, and she brought in a special treat and book to share. The book made different animal noises, and it was a huge hit! Happy birthday Ellie! 

We were able to get outside some this week, and enjoyed playing in the snow! 

When it was too cold, time in the big room was spent throwing balls, dancing, and playing the latest game of running between colored shapes on the walls. 

We spent the week learning about ways to keep our bodies healthy.

On Monday, we learned that germs are teeny tiny invisible little guys that can make us sick. Ms. Hannah used glitter and water to demonstrate how soap “scares” germs away, which is why we need to scrub soap all over when we wash our hands. Then the kids washed toys to clean the germs off. A soapy water bin is always a hit!

Tuesday, we reread the old favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. All the healthy leaves he ate helped him grow big, but when he ate too many yummy sweets, he got a tummy ache. We love those tasty treats, but we have to eat our leaves too! 🙂 Then we made salads by gluing tissue paper lettuce and vegetable cutouts to paper plates. 

Wednesday we read All Better, a book with sticker bandages to put on animal’s owies. They clean it, kiss it, put a bandage on it, then it’s all better! We practiced putting bandaids on babies (and, when we ran out of babies, dinosaurs and plushies!) They loved peeling the paper off and feeling the stickiness, and it was so sweet watching them try to comfort the toys and make their owies all better. We are so lucky to spend the days with them! 

Thursday was all about teeth. We talked about why we have to take care of our teeth, and what our teeth do for us. We then tried to floss play-doh out from between duplo “teeth”— though some friends preferred to just smush their play-dog! 

Friday we will be tracing and coloring arms, legs, etc, and naming each part! 

Next week Ms. Katie will be teaching us about our emotions. Stay warm this weekend! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah