Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

It was a week of celebrations in the toddler room!  We welcomed Harper into our class on Monday.  She has fit right in with the other children and is doing so well adjusting to all the new “big kid” things we do!  The kids seem to really enjoy having another friend to play with and she has had a great time exploring all the new toys!

Also this week Eliana celebrated her second birthday.  (Ellie also turns two this week but will celebrate with the class on Monday).  Eliana looked so pretty in her fancy birthday dress and loved her unicorn crown.  Happy 2nd Birthday, Eliana!!!

To top it all off, we celebrated Tu B’Shevat (Happy Birthday to the trees) this week.  We enjoyed lots of activities related to the holiday and sang Happy Birthday, Trees lots of times! 

On Monday we read a few books about Tu B’Shevat and planting trees in Israel.  The kids then colored a tree picture while taking turns scooping dirt and planting seeds in cups with their cute faces on them. When the grass starts to grow it will look like they have green hair!  The older toddlers will even be able to practice some scissors skills by trimming their grass hair. 🙂

We also scooped birdseed into bags and patted it onto Crisco covered paper tubes to make little bird feeders to hang in the trees. We counted the scoops together and did our best to make the seeds stick on the tubes.  

Another project was to make “Mitzvah Mouse” crowns which we will now wear when we perform Mitzvot – good deeds.  The kids got to use glue sticks and stick down the pieces to make their mice faces.  They each now have a crown to wear with their own mouse.  We then took a walk together while wearing our crowns.  Our first mitzvah was for the birds – we hung our new bird feeders to give the birds snacks in the trees.  We also hung one on our classroom window and hope to see some birds visit it. 

We used our rhythm sticks a lot this week.  We practiced repeating patterns and then stopping our tapping all together. We tap 1-2   3-4   5-6  STOP!  They also enjoyed tapping along to the beat of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who’s in our Room.  They know each other’s names from singing this song everyday during circle time. 

We got to have a Tu B’Shevat seder where we sampled fruits which grow on trees during the different seasons. We ate bananas, figs, dates and olives and drank juice.  Some children enjoyed tasting them more than others. 

Next week Ms. Hannah will teach the kids about healthy bodies and germs.  

We hope you enjoy your weekend with your cute kiddos! Shabbat Shalom!


Ms. Katie, Ms, Hannah and Ms. Alyssa