Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Whew, this short week went by fast.  We hope you were able to spend some time as a family over the Rosh Hashanah break.  It was such a gorgeous day to be outside and be together.

This week we officially welcomed Kate into our classroom.  She is doing so well learning our new expectations while navigating the craziness of a toddler classroom! We are very happy to have her as part of our school family. 

Rosh Hashanah continued to be our theme this week with a big focus on apples. Here are some highlights from the week:

We continued to read a book about the sounds the shofar makes and practiced with the paper shofar we made in class. 

We painted (a tag board) trunk of a tree, the green leafy top and red apples using paint brushes, a variety of sponges and with toy cars.  The kids dug in and got messy – we love to see them enjoy creating something!

Their finished pieces were used to create our new lift the flap photo tree. The kids love finding their own photo and pointing out their friends’ photos. 

We used the sensory table several times this week. We first had shredded “grass” and lots of pretend apples and bowls and utensils.  The kids dug through the grass finding treasures to put in their containers.

The next day the sensory table was filled with bubbly water, real apples, wash clothes and sponges.  The kids were tasked with washing the apples. They loved the water, got fairly wet (even while wearing their plastic smocks) and had a hard time stopping themselves from attempting to eat the apples.  

We were able to make it outside to play once this week. The playground was very wet this week.  Hopefully next week will be dryer. Please make sure your little ones have jackets, hats and mittens at school – we will go out whenever possible until it becomes too cold.  Also, many of the extra sets of clothes the kids have in their bins are from summer. Please take a moment to check your child’s bin and bring in warmer items (long pants and long sleeve shirts) as needed.  Thanks!

We have been singing the song Rocking Horse this week (and many other weeks).  The kids each get to hold a little horse and take turns having the horse eat or sleep or jump or dance.  They love doing the actions along with the song. My kids sang it in their ECFE classes years ago and I have always loved it!

We played with playdough!  We used apple colors and tried to make little balls of it into little pretend apples.  Or some just squished it and cut it. That’s fun too!

In the Big Room we have been singing the song Walking, Walking and creating a parade of sorts around the climber.  This song practices large motor skills like hopping, galloping, tip-toeing, etc. It’s definitely a favorite!

One day, after reading a book about apples, we torn big pieces of paper and crumpled them into balls to practice fine motor and make “apples”.

These were later hidden around the classroom for the kids to find. 

We made applesauce too!   The kids turned the crank on an apple peeler and helped measure the sugar and water. 

Friday Van is our Shabbat helper!  It is his first time getting up in front of the group to help the Rabbi with our Shabbat service. 

As always we also gave LOTS of snuggles, sang tons of songs, read countless books, counted a wide variety of objects from our everyday activities and promoted self-help and pro-social skills.  There is tons of good stuff packing into our days.

Next week we will learn about Yom Kippur and Noah’s Ark.  

Thanks for sharing your kids with us!  We love spending our days with them.


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny