Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday!

The colder weather this week kept us inside, but we enjoyed our big room time when we could use our big muscles, running and jumping and dancing. A favorite game this week has been to run to colored shapes on the wall— a teacher calls, for example, “run to the orange rectangle!” and we all run together! 

We started the week, and our bedtime theme, by talking about what helps us sleep (dark, quiet, calm bodies) and then practiced putting our loveys and stuffed animals to sleep. They all did such a good job being quiet and gentle while helping their loveys go to sleep! Everyone got a little sleepy themselves, cuddling with their loveys. 

On Tuesday we read Froggy Goes to Bed, and then made pillows and blankets out of play-doh to tuck in little froggies. We tried to keep quiet so our froggies could go to sleep. Smushing, rolling, and squeezing play-doh is always a toddler favorite!

Wednesday was crazy dress up day! So many silly outfits! 

We read the classic Sandra Boynton The Going to Bed Book then bathed babies with lots of soapy bubbles and rubber duckies. The todds talked about making their babies all clean, and if the water was too cold or warm for the baby. 

Thursday was our class pajama day! It was so fun seeing all the cozy jammies! To keep with the theme, we read Pajama Time! then tried to match pajama set magnets. They worked so hard to find same-same pairs, and enjoyed moving around all the magnets! Our younger friends had fun collecting and carrying them around. 

Every day we spent lots of time playing in our room. We are still enjoying the donuts and baking dramatic play area, and lots of tasty food is cooked up in our kitchen! We also brought in some train tracks this week, which were a huge hit! 

We also read Once Upon a Potty every day during lunch, using a different child’s name each time as the star of the book. In one part, the grandma brings a potty as a present, and the book asks “is it a flower pot? Is it a birdbath? Is it a milk bowl for kitty?” and we all say “no!” each time— it’s a potty! It’s so cute to see the younger ones start to catch on and waggle their fingers with the rest of us, and it makes everyone very excited about using the potty! 

Next week Ms. Katie will teach us about Tu BiShvat.

Stay warm this weekend! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah