Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

We picked the perfect week to focus on Winter and Snow!  Mother Nature cooperated with us. This week had such mild temperatures we were able to get outside everyday and the snowfall on Thursday provided lots of fun playtime in the snow. 

On Monday after listening to a book about snow and snowflakes, the kids painted blue paint on white paper which we then made into snowflakes for our window.  Some love painting more than others.  Some get really messy and some are very neat.  It’s fun to watch their personality come out through their exploration with the paint.  Our beautiful new snowflakes look lovely in our window.  The kids especially like when the teachers point out which child painted each snowflake.                                                                                                                     

Tuesday brought a mitten hunt!  Each child held a mitten in their hands and we walked through the halls of BSY looking for the matches.  The older toddlers were able to practice walking in the halls, rather than riding in the stroller.  There are no more stroller walks in the Preschool Room and it is good for them to work on their self-management skills. There was lots of excitement when we found each new match. 

On Wednesday we took a walk outside and pointed out all the signs of winter…frozen pond, cold air, no leaves on trees, animals sleeping, snow on the ground, etc.  The weather was so beautiful and we all enjoyed the fresh air!

Thursday’s snowy weather was perfect for our activity – building mini snowmen in sensory bins! With teacher help and protected by mittens, the toddlers dug in their snowbins and made snowballs which the teachers helped stack into cute little snowmen with scarves and stick arms. Some were loved too much and crumbled when squeezed too hard. The teachers had as much fun with this as the children. 

Throughout the week we had extra materials related to winter & snow for the kids to explore.  We had a cardboard igloo, puffball snowballs and bubble wrap water in the Big Room.  We had an arctic scene on our train table and we used our light table to create a mini polar bear habitat.  

This week we started working with the kids to manage their bodies better during our transitions out of the classroom.  In the past we have had all the kids crowded around the door waiting for us to open it.  Now we have a line of tape on the floor which the kids need to stand behind.  We wait until their feet are on or behind the line (and praise them like crazy when they remember) before we open the door.  Then we take a deep breath together and transition out of the classroom.  They are doing so well with our new routine.

As always we read LOTS of books, did puzzles, sang and played our musical instruments, colored, sang along with Cantor and celebrated Shabbat. Here are a few photos from Shabbat last week.  The kids are so sweet while following along with the prayers. 

Next week Ms. Hannah will plan activities for the kids around the theme of Bedtime! 

We thank you again for trusting us with your amazing children.  We love spending time with them!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa