Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Oh what fun it is to celebrate Hanukkah!  We have had a great week in the toddler room! 

On Monday we welcomed Edith to our class.  She’s such a smiley addition to our little toddler family.  Our older toddlers do a nice job having gentle bodies around the youngest members of our class. It’s a really sweet dynamic to see. Welcome, Edith!

Also on Monday the kids loved checking out our Hanukkah table covered in dreidels, a big menorah, lots of Hanukkah books, and a  latke play set.  They had fun exploring the new materials, taking turns sharing, counting the candles and cooking latkes for their teachers. Yum!

Later in the morning we painted wood dreidels which your child should have brought home by now.  They used special paint and worked so carefully using a q-tip as a paintbrush.  Their special art project turned out really well!

On Tuesday we made Hanukkah wands to use during our very own mini Hanukkah parade.  The kids got to choose special little bits and pieces to glue on their wand.  

It was a week of art projects!  On Wednesday after having music with Cantor Havilio on zoom we colored the bands of our flame headbands.  We later created a human menorah.

Thursday we cooked (pretend) latkes.  We practiced rolling balls of playdough, then squishing them flat, then using a spatula to put them in a pan and cook them.  It was a lot of fun!

Our Jewish value of the month is Hakarat Hator (gratitude).  During snack time this week we went around the table and said things we are grateful for –  things we love so much and say thank you for. This is something we have always done at my own house during dinner each night.  Even though the toddlers are very young the older toddlers were able to start saying things they are grateful for.  Here is our list: Adam – Mama, Luna kitty, big kid bed. Ellie: Mama. Van: Daddy, vroom vroom toy. Kate: Mommy, Daddy, Gussie, blankie. Evie: mommy, Daddy, puppy. Anna: Mommy, Daddy, Puppy. 

We had lots of large motor playtime this week – either in the Big Room or outside as weather permitted. 

For our short week next week we will bring back a few activities the kids have particularly loved in the past and do them again.  It is sure to be a very fun week!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa

PS Just a reminder to please have your child’s lunch prepped for us to serve.  (Bananas can be an exception – they get so icky if cut too early.) With so many toddlers all wanting to eat at the same time it takes a lot of time if we are peeling oranges, cutting up sandwiches and opening lots of packaging. We thank you and all the hangry toddlers thank you! 🙂