Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

In the lead up to Thanksgiving we focused on Families as our theme.  Our learning goal for the week was:  The kids will understand families love and take care of us, families are all different, and we are grateful for our families. It was a special week full of talking about all the special people in their lives. Here are some highlights…

This is not related to families, but our lift-the-flap project we started during Noah’s Ark week was finished and added to our classroom this week. The kids love seeing their artwork, all the various animals and pointing out their classmates photos. It also helps keep them occupied while waiting for a diaper change or  to wash hands. 

First we read a book about all different types of families. Then we went on a walk looking for all their family photos around the school.  The kids were so excited to spot their photo and get a chance to tell the class who was in the photo. Their faces lit up and their friends were so interested.  

On Tuesday we had so much fun seeing all the kids’ festive tie-dye T-shirts.  They were proud of their special shirts and had fun showing them off to their teachers. 

We spent some time on Tuesday watching Ms. Beth’s zoom art project. She read a cute book about a porcupine not liking his quills and then the kids made their own porcupine project.  There was painting and gluing and lots of fun!

We read a few more stories about families loving each other and then created a build-our-family project.  We talked about who everyone lived with (including the cats and dogs we know about). The kids spent some time coloring their pictures. 

We spent lots of time playing outside this week and it felt FABULOUS!!!  We are savoring every moment. 

On Thursday the kiddos made thank you cards for all of you!  They are all grateful for their families and all you do. They got to use a very special paint – water colors – and worked so carefully on their special cards for their families. Unfortunately we didn’t take many photos – we were so busy helping keep their paint on the paper and not everywhere else! 🙂

Another highlight continues to be the spider song – I never expected them to LOVE a huge slightly creepy spider. We edit the verses to include each child’s name and they get to choose which body part to put the spider on, which helps reinforce their knowledge of body parts. After we sing to each child they are instructed to hand it over to another specific student, which reinforces sharing and knowing their classmates’ names. It’s been a really fun addition to our song repertoire. **We edited the lines head/dead to head/Fred and face/disgrace to face/chase to keep it more positive. 

Friday we will celebrate Shabbat and eat tasty challah!  Next week we will learn about Tzedakah and have some fun activities!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa