Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom families!

This week was all about space. We started the week by talking about planets, what their names are, and which one we live on. We also talked about how outer space is way way up in the sky, past the clouds, and if you keep going up eventually you’ll be in space. All week we sang songs like Mr. Sun and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and we put extra stars up on our ceiling so we can stargaze from our circle. 

Monday, we made our own solar system by dot-dotting the planets and sun. We’ve enjoyed looking at it all week, and the todds like to point to which one each of them made! 

Monday was also tie-dye day for most of the todds. We can’t wait to see the final results!

On Tuesday we took advantage of the last time the playground would be snow-free for the week. For the rest of the week, however, we had fun playing in the snow! They are all very excited when it’s time to get our snow gear on! 

We also got to do a class favorite activity, pompoms!

On Wednesday, we watched zoom music and spent a good amount of time exploring individual space sensory bins. We read a book called Our Stars to learn more about what’s in space. The bins were full of glow-in-the-dark stars, planets, meteors, and an “astronaut.” The todds loved scooping and digging around in their bins.  

Wednesday morning we used our glow-in-the-dark stars with play-doh. They made good tools for cutting and squishing! 

Thursday we read Rockets and Spaceships and learned what an astronaut is. The todds all said they wanted to be one too! We then had tinfoil “asteroids” we had to unravel to find something from space inside. Ripping the tinfoil and figuring out how to open and close the plastic eggs meant using a lot of good fine motor skills! 

On Friday we plan to do astronaut training in the big room, to stretch our big muscles and talk about how astronauts get ready to go to space. They definitely will all be top notch astronauts! Watching them discover the universe around them and imagining what they each could be or do when they grow up brings us such joy. 

As always, there was plenty of running, dancing, singing, jumping, reading, and free play in our room! 

Next week Ms. Katie will lead our theme of family. 

Have a good weekend! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah