Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

While the world outside of our little community here at BSY has had an intense, stress inducing week; we enjoyed a calm, fun-filled week with the Todds. Our focus was on the story of Noah’s Ark – we chose this because it was part of the Torah portion a few weeks ago.  Because the story includes lots of animals, a boat and water it is particularly thrilling to our kids.  Here are some highlights from out week:

The WEATHER!!!!  We headed outside at 9:15 every morning and LOVED the sunny warm days.  The kids have been confused why they don’t need to wear their boots and snow pants anymore.  There was a lot of pointing to the ground and saying, “No snow?!”  Although they used the snow shovels to scoop up some leftover fall leaves. 

We first learned about the story of Noah’s Ark by hearing it told using props and real water.  The kids learned Noah was asked by God to build an ark.  After hearing the story the kids “helped” Noah build by putting nails (golf tees) into boards (styrofoam).  The activity worked on fine motor skills, counting, persistence! 

We tried a new activity using Orbeez (squishy slippery balls) in baggies.  The kids were asked to try to squish the little balls by catching them with their pincher fingers and squishing them.  This took a good amount of focus and persistence.

We worked on painting a new lift-the-flap art project to be displayed on our bathroom door.  It is an ark and it will eventually have photos of the kids holding pairs of animals under the flaps.  The kids often have to wait to wash hands and the lift-the-flap artwork helps keep their interest while waiting. 

We read another Noah’s Ark story and then the kids matched same/same animals to line up to go on the ark.  We discussed animal sounds, the concepts of smaller/bigger & first/second/last & counting practice. 

This week we also had music & Shabbat Zoom times.  Zoom calls are tricky for kids this age, as I am sure you have experienced.  We find it helpful to give them something to do related to the topic – shake maracas during music or hold props related to the Shabbat service which they can hold as the rabbi reaches the corresponding part in the service. (We count the days until we can again hold these events in person.)  

This week we took a walk to maximize our time outside during this beautiful weather.  We had planned to do a sink/float activity in the classroom and play in water bins, but headed outside and instead threw different things (rocks, sticks, leaves) into the pond to see what would sink and what floats.  We talked about heavy vs light. We also saw ducks, frogs, an eagle and even some leftover snow!

We have had a great week together.  Next week Ms. Hannah will focus on space!  

Shabbat Shalom to you all.


Ms. Katie, Miss Hannah & Miss Alyssa