Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom! 

This week we continued our theme of the color red. Each day our activity focused on a red object or a red themed book. Monday started with stacking red cups and people, and hiding Elmo under the cups to play hide and seek. 

Later, we reread a class favorite— The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. In the book, a mouse learns that a big hungry bear is coming for his strawberry, and the only way to protect it from the bear is to eat it. We then played in sand bins, and our little mice had to hide the strawberry from the big hungry bear. 

Tuesday morning, water bins were requested by the kids, and they enjoyed the peaceful start to their day. We added in various red toys to explore. Before lunch, we sang along to our Firetruck book, then dot-dotted paper plates to turn into fireman’s helmets.

On Wednesday, morning work of red play-doh was followed by a group reading of Llama Llama Red Pajama. Almost every day before nap, we listen to the Llama Llama CD book. Most of them probably know it by heart! We then had to color in Llama Llama’s pajamas, which had lost their color! For extra fun, we colored upside-down to make our brains think differently. 

On Thursday, we experimented with squeeze bottles filled with red paint, to squirt “ketchup” onto paper ketchup bottles. Some of the paint came out a little too fast, and we had to get out the paintbrushes to help. 

All week long, we had lots of time outside, in the big room, reading, building, dancing, and singing. 

Friday, we plan to learn about color mixing, mixing red and yellow water, and red and blue water, to see what colors it makes! Then we will squish up bags of paint to mix together the colors inside and see what color it turns into. We are also looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes! 

Next week, Ms. Katie will be teaching us about Noah and the Ark. 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah