Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

It’s Red Week!!!  We had such a fun week working on lots of red related activities. Here are some highlights…

We played with tons of red toys and even had a red fort in our classroom!

While dancing to music we worked on stopping our bodies using red stop signs. Through this the children are learning that they have control over their bodies. They may have the impulse to go, go, go but through stop and go games they are learning that when their minds hear STOP their bodies can listen! It is easier to practice stop and go games in a safe, relaxed, and fun setting in the hopes that the control and listening skills carry over to more vital, important situations when an immediate response is needed (holding hands in a parking lot, stopping when angry before acting out in a physical way). 

We painted with a variety of materials, used stickers and glue sticks to create a RED mural for our classroom.  We had some messy moments, but it turned out great!

We were able to play outside in the snow this week.  Not all the kids were super fans of all the puffy gear and uneven snowy ground.  It was fun to get outside and run around though.  We also brought some snow inside in our sensory bins.  We added red color and red toys to play with.  All the kids enjoyed feeling the snow and digging in their bins. They played so quietly and intently for a long time. 

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and focused on all the red things he eats in the story.  We then used playdough and learned to roll red balls and red hotdog shapes which we fed to our toy caterpillars.

We read a color book about Elmo finding different color things on Sesame Street.  Then we fed treats to our big stuffed Elmo – he only liked red treats and didn’t want to eat the other color treats.  It was very funny to the kids. 

We also colored goggles and then wore them on an indoor color walk. We were originally going to go for a walk looking for red leaves but the weather did NOT cooperate!!  

We also did lots of things I didn’t mention such as color sorting, tons of puzzles, reading a multitude of books, lots of counting, singing everyday, Zoom music and Zoom shabbat service, tons of running in the big room, dance parties, practice sharing and being kind friends and countless other things!  Our days are packed with lots of learning and fun!

Next week Ms. Hannah will continue with red activities. 

Please, please, please label your kids clothing items.  Things get mixed around during dressing and undressing to go outside.  We do our best to keep things straight but it sure helps to have labels! 

Have a great weekend! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah & Ms. Alyssa