Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom!

We had a fun week in Adom learning all about weather. The week started off with a thunderstorm Sunday night, and the todds were talking about it all day Monday. What an apt way to kick off our weather theme! It was still raining Monday, and it felt very cozy with everyone in their pajamas.

We made clouds using cotton balls and glue, and some were a little apprehensive of the sticky cotton!

We were able to play outside on Tuesday, with additional big room time as well. We brought out “snowballs” which were squeezed, thrown, and collected!

We made a rain stick as a class, and everyone took turns scooping in corn.

Wednesday the todds decided a fun game was just to start hugging each other! They are such sweet, kind, awesome tiny humans. We feel so lucky to get to spend every day with them.

We also had good sensory play using water bins, with cotton ball and shaving cream clouds, lightening bolts, and droppers and cups to make it rain. The wet cotton balls were fun to squish and pull apart.

Thursday was a chilly morning, so we brought out hats and mittens for the first time! If you haven’t already, please bring labeled hats and mittens for your child! Some of our friends weren’t so sure about keeping on their warm gear, so it’ll take some getting used to the colder weather. We also found time to catch up on our art with Ms. Beth, gluing clothes on scarecrows!

Friday we will stamp pompoms to make snowball paintings, and have our weekly Shabbat zoom.

We hope you enjoy your weekend!
Ms. Katie, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Hannah