Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

It’s been another great week in the Toddler Room. We feel lucky to have such a great group of little people to hang out with everyday.  They are funny and loving and quirky in all the best toddler ways. Here are the highlights of our week:

We celebrated all the glorious weather by getting outside A LOT this week.  We played on the playground everyday with the kids’ favorite activities being building with large interlocking pieces, sliding down the slide with friends, running around the playground pushing trucks and chasing the teachers. 

We have added a new favorite song to our morning songtime.  It’s called Popcorn Kernels and we use scarves to do the actions in the song.  Check out the words and actions in the photo below.  I also included the words to the spider song (although we often change up the words as we go). 

Here is a compilation of yogurt faces from snack time this week.  Our meal times are great opportunities to work on fine motor skills as well as delayed gratification and self-help skills (among other things).

We have been focusing on the holiday of Sukkot, so took a walk to the large sukkah near the pond so the children could associate an actual sukkah with the photos in the books we are reading.  We hung up fruit decorations the kids made last week, as well as paper chains which the kids colored, and then we took a walk around the pond looking for fall items to explore later in the week.  The beautiful weather made this activity really fun.

We painted paper with green paint and funky stampers and then used it to make lulavs (lulavs and etrogs are symbolic parts of Sukkot).  We also used some of the painted paper to make leaves to put on the top of our mini sukkot (plural of sukkah).  Later in the week we went to the gaga pit and played with our lulav & etrog and cardboard box sukkot.  We read another story about the holiday and then played in the long grass under the warm sun. 

We like to change out the toys in the classroom regularly to keep the kids engaged.  This week we add a set of tracks to build and play with.  We briefly considered not keeping them in the classroom because they were such a HUGE hit we struggled to manage the level of toddler passion that came along with them.  In the end they have been a fun addition to our free play time. 

On Wednesday we had our picnic lunch in the sukkah as a class and again the weather was beautiful!  The children each got to hold a real lulav and etrog and practice shaking it in all directions. Then we enjoyed our tasty lunches. Thank you for sending such picnic appropriate foods!

On Fridays we enjoy hanging out with one of the rabbis or cantor on zoom to celebrate Shabbat.  Here are a few photos from last week. 

Next week Ms. Hannah will plan our lessons focused on weather!

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weekend!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Alyssa