Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom families!

This week we’ve been learning all about apples, tying in to Rosh Hashanah and fall. Our class already has a comfortable routine with all our new friends, and it’s so cute to see new toddler friendships forming! 

Though some days were a bit chilly, we were able to have lots of outside time. A fun new game the todds started, which seems to be just running from one wall to another as a group while giggling, has been a popular outside and big room activity.

Because of the nice weather, the older kids went outside when they would otherwise be in the big room, which meant more big room time for us! The kids enjoyed the extra time to use all their strong muscles running, jumping, and building (and the teachers enjoyed the extra time for them to get their big energy out!)

We were excited to able to do some science this week! On Friday, a teacher dissected apples into their different parts (skin, seeds, core) and the kids examined each part under a magnifying glass to look at all the details. We talked about how apples grow on trees, and how the seeds can make new apple trees. We also learned that apples can change from green to red.

For Rosh Hashanah, we learned a little about bees and honey. A new “honey” sensory bag held together surprisingly well all week, despite being squished and squashed with both hands and feet. A similar sensory bag is easy to make at home, just using hair gel, a plastic bag, and whatever fun things you have to put inside!

The todds also enjoyed pretending that yellow pompoms were bees living in an egg carton “hive,” and helping them fly around using tongs.

We had lots of fun with art projects; painting apple and honey themed images, stamping with apple halves, and decorating cards for the other BSY classes to wish them Shana Tova! We read a book called “Happy Birthday, World” to talk about what a new year means, before working on our apple and honey paintings.

We loved seeing all the red outfits for class color day on Wednesday! We sure were a coordinated crew!

Have a fun, safe, and warm weekend! Shana Tova!

Ms. Katie and Ms. Hannah