Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

We have had a busy couple of weeks learning about oceans here in Adom! 
We’ve been enjoying a lot of sensory play relating to oceans, including water buckets with toy sea animals, boats, and shells, and experimenting with shells and play-doh!

A favorite activity has been looking at and shaking sensory bottles with shells, water, and sand. 

We’ve also had time for a lot of creative ocean play in the room, with our new classroom beach! The todds helped decorate a large blue sheet of paper with ocean stickers, which is now on our floor along with a beach border and lots of packing tape. The kids love “swimming” in the water, gliding toy boats on top of it, picking sea animals to play with, and using our shovels and buckets to pretend to play on the beach.

As always, we’ve found time for some thematic crafts, like painting clown fish and other sea animals on paper, decorating our own rainbow fish with tissue paper, and practicing some fine motor skills by stringing beads and pasta onto pipe cleaner octopus tentacles.

Our ocean theme even made it into the big room this week, where the toddlers got to practice throwing balls at a target by “feeding” them to a shark taped to the wall. 

Other than that, our days have been filled with outside water play, large motor time, and even a few walks. 

A highlight was celebrating Kellan’s 2nd birthday!

We also celebrated pajama day and loved seeing everyone’s cute jammies!

We love getting to spend every day with the toddlers and watching them grow and learn and discover their amazing personalities. Thank you for sharing them with us!