Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Red Week has been a great week!  We’ve had a lot of fun and gotten to do lots of interesting activities.  The three teachers in our class take turns planning the curriculum for each week.  This week was Mr. Benny’s first time doing all the planning and he rocked it! 

Here are some highlights from the week:

We started the week off with making a red mural to display in the classroom.  The kids were able to paint with brushes, cars, dot-dot markers and dinosaurs.  They also added red stickers and tape and colored with crayons. They LOVED it! The kids got messy in the process feeling the paint and smearing it.  It was art AND a sensory experience. 🙂 The finished product is on display on our white board in our classroom. 

We had circle time multiple times throughout the week.  Benny used our dog puppet called Adom to greet each child with a high-five or a nose beep.  He sang songs which had been modified to include the color red and read books with some connection to red. 

We had good weather several days and were able to play outside.  The kids used the climbers, played chase, walked the balance beam with teacher help, sang songs with Ms. Aly and ran around and got lots of fresh air. 

In the Big Room we got out the fire truck tent which is red.  It was super exciting to crawl inside and peak out the windows. 

We spent a lot of time modeling desired behavior this week using our little stuffed mice.  We repeatedly talked about how the mice sit at the table while eating, how they clean up their toys when they are done, how they are gentle friends to each other.  The toddlers like to hold the mice and watch as the teachers demonstrate and narrate different scenarios. 

The kids played in the sensory several times this week.  One day with water and the other times with black beans. They are getting really good at helping pick the beans up off the floor when they are done.  The mice are good model helpers too.

Mr Benny got out the pom-poms and tweezers one morning and let the kids explore.  Some arranged them in divided trays, some used the tweezers (or their fingers) to put the pom-poms into plastic jars.

We went on a red scavenger hunt, moving through the halls looking for toys which are red that had been taken from our classroom and hidden around the school.  The kids loved the change of scenery and also the fun of looking for hidden things. 

Our class ROCKED color day.  The Todds looked so cute in their red outfits.  It was fun to see all the classes together in the Big Room sporting their class color.  

Mr. Benny made handprint art with the kids.  They stamped their hands onto paper to make birds which are red (or Cardinals). 

We have new hula hoops in the Big Room which have been a huge hit! They kids roll them, jump into them, carry them around, and pretend they are different things (like floaties to use in the pool – which is really the blue mat). They have added some new fun to the Big Room time. 

Last week Adam was the Shabbat helper and this week it was Juliet. The kids take turns going up and helping the Rabbi or Cantor. It’s a special part of our Shabbat service.

Next week we will focus on Rosh Hashanah with Ms. Aly.  

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny