Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

What a fun two weeks we have had! Our focus was Sesame Street (inspired by Kate’s passion for all things Sesame Street). Under the umbrella of whatever theme we choose we always make sure to practice fine & large motor skills, self-help, a balance of group and individual activities, social development, delayed gratification, lots of reading time, music, counting and skill building activities.  All of these things are embedded in our playtime & projects.

Some highlights from the last two weeks include:

Lots of outside activities such as sprinkler time, painting with water, zooming trucks around, finding tiny frogs on the playground and studying them, throwing and kicking balls, balancing on the balance beam and lots of running!

Big Room time is also a big part of our day.  We play games with balls, play red light green light game, drive around in big cars, have a quiet snuggle time and listen to a story, and we even played with the parachute bouncing Cookie Monster around in the center.  The kids took turns throwing (plastic) cookies onto the parachute for Cookie. 

We created color books which will be sent home soon with a different color page for each Sesame Street character.  The kids colored the pictures for their book.  This was part of our morning work (during morning free play).  The kids are not required to take part in this activity so some of your kids may come home with a book they haven’t colored yet.  Our lesson time is a whole group activity, but not morning work time.

We tried to make Cookie Monster cookies.  In the past I have loved baking with the toddlers where we crack eggs and measure out all the ingredients.  With Covid we aren’t able to do that.  Instead we used premade cookie dough.  The kids were able to shape their cookie and add blue sprinkles.  After we baked them they were going to add marshmallow eyes to look like Cookie Monster.  Unfortunately I completely burned all the cookies!  🙁 

We read a book about Grover’s Mitzvah (good deed) and then painted cards to be delivered to Shalom Home in Minnetonka to brighten the residents’ day. The kids put their dot-dot painting skills to good use!

My favorite thing we did was to read a story about Elmo learning to use the potty.  We let the kids make a pair of undies for Elmo to wear while he potty trains.  They painted and stuck lots of stickers on their pair.  They were super excited about this project.  We will continue to read stories about potty training and see if it sparks interest for any of our oldest toddlers! 

We did lots of other activities as well throughout the weeks. Next week Ms. Rebecca will switch our focus to oceans and beaches.


Ms. Katie & Ms. Rebecca

Here are a few more cute photos of your awesome kids…