Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello Families,

We have loved having your children back at school with us. The return to routine has been so good for all of us. We sure missed all the kids and have loved seeing how much they have grown while we have been apart. Thanks for sharing them with us. 


We welcomed Asher into our class two weeks ago. He moved up from the infant room and has been a great addition. He is a sweet little guy and all the kids look out for him. Welcome, Asher!

Our focus the last several weeks has been on vehicles and sports.

We learned about a variety of vehicles and now have  tape “roads” in our classroom which the kids love. Here are some photo collections to highlight our experiences.

We have been creating a variety of art together:

Thanks to our amazing weather we have spent a good deal of time outdoors:

The kids have LOVED our focus on sports including all different kinds of balls. Hopefully they have learned enough to no longer call footballs soccer-pucks. 


 Here are some photos:

Finally we will leave you with a few more cute photos which didn’t fit in any of the above categories:

Katie, Rebecca & Benny