Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

It’s been a super week to learn about Purim and Super Manners too! 

Last week’s focus on Purim continued into this week.  On Monday we started the day painting Purim masks with dot-dot markers and also had lots of fun free play time.

After getting the wiggles out in the Big Room we met Ms. Beth in the Art Room to create a whole class project. The kids were able to work together to color in a HUGE outline of a giraffe. The preschool room worked on an elephant and the preK class created a kangaroo.  They turned out so cute and are displayed in the Big Room. Take a peak when you get a chance during drop off or pick up. 

Tuesday was a special day because we had our Purim parade!  The kids looked adorable (and proud) in their festive costumes.  It was great to see the parents who were able to make it. We love having you all be part of our events and also understand that not everyone’s schedule allows them to participate. After processing through the halls we ended our “parade” with a tasty snack of a hamantaschen cookie and social time together.  

Also on Tuesday we spent some time pulling LOTS of popsicle sticks (which had been taped down) off the table.  It took lots of work and good fine motor skills to get the job done. Then we sorted the colorful sticks onto matching paper.  It was a fun activity.

Because of the parade we didn’t have time to play outside but spent some extra time in the Big Room to make up for it.  

Wednesday started our unit on Super Manners!  This is a particular favorite of Ms. Katie’s. It’s a combination of superheroes and teaching/reinforcing manners.  It consists of using lots of big energy (and fun voices) to praise them like crazy when they use their Super Manners!  It is fun and exciting. The kiddos LOVE to be praised. There’s nothing better than seeing their faces light up with pride.  To keep things simple we have only focused on three specific manners – saying please and thank you and covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough. 

On Wednesday we read, Penguin Says Please and then did an activity where the kids were given new animal eggs (think Easter eggs in animal head shapes). The teacher kept all the matching animals and then held them up one at a time. When they saw their matching piece they needed to say or sign “Please” to be able to hold it. They could help other children by saying (or signing) please for them.  They enjoyed helping each other find their match and use their super manners. 

Another cute book we read which encouraged the kids to use the word please was about a (slightly grumpy) panda who wanted to share his donuts but none of panda’s friends were saying please.  Finally one friend said please so panda gave him ALL of his donuts. The toddlers practiced saying please and then they could pick their favorite donut from the photo of Panda. Who knew the kiddos would so enjoy getting to choose an imaginary donut!!?

We also introduced “Super V” – a superhero way to cover your cough. If you feel a cough coming you swing your arm in front of your face (like a superhero would swing their cape) and cough into your V-shaped elbow. It’s called a Super V (said with a big announcer voice).  If you use a Super V in the toddler room you will get tons of enthusiastic praise.  We are trying like crazy to help curtail the spread of germs in our classroom. This year has been tough with lots of sickness going around.  We will keep washing hands and sanitizing like crazy, but now we can add Super V to our tool kit. 🙂

We’ve been working on our shape recognition using our shape song cards.  We use them during circle time and on our stroller walks. We talked about triangles a lot while learning about Purim because Haman’s hat was a triangle. We also identify shapes all day long while going about our daily routine. 

They kids loved playing in our Superhero sand sensory bin.  They played for a really long time just scooping, pouring and burying things in the sand.  They shared toys well and several used their Super V for their cough.  

We loved music with Ms. Shana-banana.  She has such a lovely voice and keeps the kids so engaged in the songs with visual aids and movement. She’s teaching the kids lots of Hebrew words through song and ends each music time with a lovely song during which the kids can lay on the carpet and relax and just listen to the singing and guitar music.  It’s such a nice way to end our time together each week. 

On Friday we will have Shabbat with Finley as our special helper.  We hope to get outside for some nice fresh air and run around time and will start our morning painting at the easels. 

Have a great weekend.


The Toddler Team

Katie, Aly & Benny