Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello and happy March! We are loving the warm-er weather and  going outside to play! The todds have been loving playing with the shovels and scooping up all the snow. We went outside almost everyday this week. It was so needed and lovely! 

This week we started to learn about Purim. Purim is a celebration to commemorate a time when a man named Haman wasn’t very kind to the Jewish people. In the toddler room we focus on all the good stuff, we touched on Haman not being kind and that is why we “boo” when we hear his name. 

All week we read It’s Purim Time! We sang My Hat It Has Three Corners. And we talked about triangles! 

Monday we started our day by helping get snacks ready for the other classrooms! Part of celebrating Purim is Shalach Manot, giving gifts of food- which goes along perfectly with our Jewish values for the month of March: Hazan et Hakol (Feeding everyone who nourishes all) – contribute to a kitchen and Maakhal revi’im (Feeding the hungry). 

Next it was time to make some hamantaschen! It was a little unconventional but it was sure fun! Each todd helped me (after washing hands) flatten their dough, choose a color of sprinkle for the middle filling and finally pinch the corners to make the dough into a triangle shape (just like Haman’s hat). They turned out pretty cute, they weren’t exactly triangles. 🙂 We sent them home as a treat! I hope everyone enjoyed them. 🙂 

Later we went outside to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather! 

Tuesday we began with some color sorting. We used paper hamantaschen with different colored fillings, the todds jobs were to match the filling with a piece of paper on the table. It was sure fun!

Then we decorated paper with markers, stickers and crayons, the papers are going to turn into crowns that we can wear just like Queen Ester and King Achashverosh in the Purim story. 🙂 

Wednesday we had a fun free play morning and incorporated some time for dress up! We can’t wait to dress up next Tuesday for Purim Dress Up Day, it was good practice. We pulled down a bin of costumes that are not always in our dress up area, it was a blast to find new stuff.

Next we went to music with Ms. Shana, we sang our favorite animal song and lots of Purim songs to get in the spirit. We also snag a few silly standing up songs to get out wiggles out! 

Thursday we started our morning with grogger making! Groggers are noise makers used during Purim when someone says “Haman”. The todds decorated paper plates with markers and stickers! Next we folded the plates over closed them and filled them with corn! When you shake them they make noise! We will use them during our parade next week and while we read our Purim stories!

Friday Shira will be our Shabbat Helper. 🙂

Next week Ms. Katie will be finishing teaching about Purim and introducing a unit on Super Manners! 

Have a great weekend, enjoy the warmth. 🙂  


Ms. Aly, Mr. Benny and Ms. Katie