Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy warm-er weather everybody! We have had a very lovely week in the toddler room. This week was all about animals and one of our Jewish Values of the month, Oheve et HaBriyot (Loving all Creatures). 

All week we talked about different ways we can care for animals and creatures like bugs and people! Our favorite book we read all week was All Better! It’s a fun book that has band aids to help animals who have been hurt. The todds love making the different animals “all better” after cleaning their cuts, blowing them a kiss and finally putting a bandaid on!

We read lots of books with animals in them and took every opportunity to talk about how the people or other animals are helping and caring for each other. We sang lots of, Old McDonald, Baby Bumble Bee and Timy Turtle. During circle time we practiced being so gentle and kind to our pal Adom!

Monday we started the morning with a new farm and barn in our classroom, complete with farm animals to explore with. The todds had a lot of fun testing out all the new items they had.

Later we played outside! It was such a lovely day and we loooooved getting to run around in the fresh air.

After we had art with Ms. Beth! This week we read a book about colors and then had the chance to make our very own rainbows. The todds were given a one color to start painting with, we shared and traded colors and by the end everyone had all the colors of the rainbow! After the paint they got to add all sorts of fun paper scraps and supplies of all different colors. Once again it was such an incredible project and they turned out so so fun!

Tuesday we started our morning with animal puzzles, more barn fun and gathered to read All Better! And more animal books! After a while we busted out the toy food and fed all of the animals!

Later we went for a super lovely stroll outside. We looked all over for animals, all we saw was a birds nest, a bear (Finley) and a penguin (Liam). We saw so many trees and remembered celebrating them not so long ago. We sang a few verses of Happy Birthday Trees and thanked them for being homes for animals.

Wednesday the todds came into the room to find new dramatic play stuff! It was all pet hospital related. 🙂 Fully equipped with stethoscopes, thermometers, casts, pretend medicine and more! The todds loved checking in with Mr. Benny to see if his heart was working. We did our best to take care of the animals in our classroom to make sure they were all okay!

Later it was time for music with Ms. Shana! We sang so many animal songs, it was perfect! We also sang some of our favorite Purim songs and learned a couple more.

Thursday we will be making bird feeders and sorting through which animals live on the land or in the water!

We will also be celebrating I Love to Read Month with a Book Character Dress Up Day!

Have a lovely three day weekend everyone, stay healthy! 

Next week we will be starting to learn about Purim! 


Ms. Aly, Mr. Benny and Ms. Katie