Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello, Adom Families! This week we learned all about transportation or as we told the toddlers, things that go. The whole week we talked about vehicles on the land & water and in the sky. We had such an engaging week!

On Monday, we started our morning by playing with cars on the carpet. There was tape on the ground to signify roads, or whatever else they imagined.

If they wanted to do something more independent there were different types of vehicle puzzles on the table for the class to do at their leisure. 

During our circle times this week, the toddlers did another great job at sitting all together and saying good morning to Adom (our class puppet). We are trying to teach the toddlers to say various greetings when we see Adom. This week we enjoyed singing songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Plus, sang the “Choo Choo Choo” train name song! 

 A little later on Monday, we took a walk in the stroller and wandered upstairs to the social hall to read some great books about things that go! The teachers engaged them in a friendly conversation about all the different vehicles in their lives that they see or have been inside of. 

On Tuesday, the morning activity was completing large puzzles with teachers. The puzzles were a little challenging for the class but, playing with the large pieces and putting it together with a teacher was still very fun for them.

Before lunch, we went on a stroll again and talked more about things that go through books and conversation. 

Wednesday morning, we painted on a piece of paper covering the whole sensory table and used toy cars and their wheel to paint a colorful and lively picture. 

A little time after we finished up painting, it was time for music in the big room! This week Miss Shana sang songs with her guitar and even pictures to go along with the songs. It was so entertaining to watch these toddlers dance and sing like no one’s business.

After our usual big room time, we came back into the classroom to play in the sensory bin full of sand, rocks and construction trucks! 

On Thursday, we got a large bin of train tracks, trains and other train related toys to play on the carpet. We have never played with that particular train set before so it was new and exciting for them.

If the children were not interested in trains, the table was available for anyone to come by and colored on blank colored sheets of paper. While they were drawing I read a book about different types of vehicles. and encouraged the toddlers to draw their favorite vehicle out of the book. Even if they just tried to draw it or scribbled on the page, it was awesome to see them interpret their drawings as a type of vehicle. 

Later, we took a normal walk around the building but this time with a twist. Bubbles!

But first, we read another book about things that go and I asked each child to tell me their favorite vehicle. I got some very enthusiastic responses! 

On Friday, we started our day playing with tunnels, ramps and cars. After that we had a little free-play until Shabbat.  Eleanor was our Shabbat helper! 

Before lunch, we went on a little walk in the stroller then came back to play in the sensory table filled with water and boats. 

Thanks for the amazing week everyone! Hope everyone has a warm and comfortable weekend! 

Next week Ms. Aly will be teaching us about animals and taking care of them! 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny