Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

With the close of this week we end our focus on the holiday of Tu B’Shevat (New Year of the Trees) and Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World). We had a week packed full of fun activities.

Last Friday we ended our week with Easton being our Shabbat helper and playdough exploration being our morning activity. Easton did a great job and the playdough was a hit as always. 

On Monday we started our morning playing with a box with lots of little openings.  The kids searched the room for things which were small enough to fit inside the little doors.  This created a lot of good discussion about things being too big, or too wide, or small enough.  All their attempts to rotate objects to fit them in, to assess with their eyes and to tell a teacher how something fit – all of these things involved great premath thinking. 

After their interest in the box activity waned we switched to watering our plants.  We used our squirt bottles to mist them while we counted 10 squirts each. We were able to see some baby grass sprouting up.  It’s been so exciting to see. 

Next the kids listened to the book, I Love the Earth by Todd Parr. It lists things we love about our Earth and how to help protect it.  The illustrations are perfect for toddlers. After hearing the story we painted paper which was turned into a poster about helping our Earth. Our new poster is displayed outside our classroom. 

We had a Tu B’Shevat seder on Monday where the kids got to try different types of fruits which grow on trees. Some were more delicious than others but they really seemed to enjoy sampling them all. 

On Tuesday we decorated our new individual tzedakah boxes. We used tissue paper squares and gluey water.  Thanks so much for sending in coins for tzedakah. We will eventually pool our money with the other classrooms and use it to purchase a tree or two in Israel. For now we are having fun during song time singing Money for Tzedakah and putting our coins into our boxes. 

We played with ramps and cars – zooming them down the incline and noticing that some went further than others.  

We tried a new same/same game.  This time we had photos of toy plates and food.  The kids were given a photo and the plate shown in the photo.  They had to find the matching food and put it on the plate. They had a surprising amount of success! It was an easier task for the older toddlers but they helped each other when needed. 

We had extra music time in the Big Room this week!  It was fun to see friends and siblings from other classes and to sing and dance together. We also get to learn some Hebrew words through song. 

We used spray bottles and coffee filters to create little Earths to display in our window.  Spray bottles are tricky and are good fine motor practice. It was a bit messy but worth the effort!

One last fun event was popping bubbles during one of our indoor walks.  This was on Thursday when the temperature was -12. One of the teachers stepped outside and blew some bubbles out in the cold.  We were able to see the bubble freeze as we watched it on the bubble wand. When it fell to the ground it mostly retained its frozen shape.  It was really interesting, science is the best!

On Friday Luna is our helper during Special Person Shabbat. It’s so fun to see parents and extended family when they are able to join us. 

Next week Mr. Benny will be in charge of planning our weekly activities.  It should be a great week!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny