Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good afternoon Adom families! We hope you all had a fun week, just like we did!

This week we focused on two different things, Science and caring for our bodies! Our second Jewish value of the month is Shmirat HaGuf (Caring for the Body). It was a fun filled busy week. 🙂

All week we read some of our favorite books like Dino’s Don’t Bite, Calm Down Monkey and Llama Llama Red Pajama. But we also read some new books about eating healthy, exercising, going to the dentist, and washing our hands. 

Monday was a special day! We started our morning with a sticker activity! The todds were given stickers to decorate a monster. It was fun and they all turned out super unique.

Later we went to art with Ms. Beth where we made clouds! It was such a great activity that kept the kiddos engaged for a long time. They turned out amazing, next time you come down the stairs, look up, and you will see them!

During snack time we got to celebrate Easton’s second birthday!! Amber came to our classroom to read some of Easton’s favorite books and shared a birthday treat with us! It was so fun. Happy Birthday Easton! 

Tuesday we started our day with a science experiment! Mixing colors! There were plastic bags with two different colored paints. The todds’ job was to mix the two colors together. It was fun. Some kiddos got creative and used toys to move the paint around the bag.

During circle time we introduced a teeth brushing lesson. We have this great kit complete with a big toothbrush, different mouth magnets and food magnets to talk about good teeth care. The food magnets that aren’t great for your teeth stick to the board and the foods, like fruits and veggies, that are good fall right off. We then practiced getting all the icky germs away. 

Wednesday our morning work involved magnets! How cool are those? Each todd got a magnet stick and some disks to pick up with it. It was so fun to watch, the todds loved pulling them off and starting all over.

After we brought back out our tooth brush kit and the kiddos got to use the magnets themselves.

Next we had music with Ms. Shana! It was a blast! We started singing songs about trees for the upcoming Jewish holiday Tu’ Bishvat! We got a lot of wiggles and giggles out it was a blast!

Thursday morning was time for another experiment. I brought a tub of water to the table and the toddlers were tasked with finding some toys to bring to the table. Next we talked about the difference between an object sinking or floating, will it swim at the bottom of the tub or stay at the top? This activity was a hit! We teachers were so impressed by how much the toddlers loooooved it! Before each item was placed in the tub I asked if we thought it would sink or float! It was so fun guessing and seeing what happened to the different toys. 

Friday we will celebrate Shabbat with Liam as our helper! 

Next week Ms. Katie will be teaching us all about Tu’ Bishvat and Tikkun Olam, we will be continuing to collect coins for tzedakah that we will use to plant trees in Israel. 🙂 

Have a great weekend!


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny